【Breaking News】New Zealand Fast-Tracking RESIDENCY for 165,000 Work-Visa Holders!

30 September 2021, New Zealand Immigration Minister had announced a GIFT-AWAY Residency Pathways for all ONSHORE …


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9 thoughts on “【Breaking News】New Zealand Fast-Tracking RESIDENCY for 165,000 Work-Visa Holders!”

  1. australia just got release for employer sponsored visas all occupations included who stayed during covid will be eligible to apply 186 Pr visa…..it will be coming on 1 july 2022…..what about if i studied and finished a master degree in australia and stayed struggled during covid
    …where is my reward pr?

  2. Is this fair? We both have been here for 4 years. We are both holding student visa and on the pathway to get the post student work visa. Only because you applied for it ONE day earlier than me , I am kicked out, you can be a resident and I can't.
    . Why the limitation apply for work visa by 29th of September . It should be graduated before 29th of September.
    Application time can be changed according to many uncertainties, such as internet traffic, but the graduation time of your visa is planned one year before and can't be changed.
    To get NZ resident visa is like gambling, rules always change and no fair standard.

  3. In my view Canada was fairer. The NZ one-off resident visa is unfair.
    For example, a student visa holder who knew this from social media before it was announced and applied for the post student work visa on 29th , then he gets the chance, but another one applied for a post student work visa on 30th September and missed out.
    Why should people who meet the same criteria be treated differently just because one knew this earlier than other.
    Some people came here 10 years ago and were separated from family for 3 years missed out, but some came here 2 years…can't speak English but are eligible. So unfair and ridiculous.

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  5. Hey I would like to consult you as well. Got some questions for australia visa options from an SMC visa perspective for the future with me and wife working in NZ for the last 6 years. Send me your mail ID and a contact number if possible. Cheers!

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