🇨🇦 Best City for Immigrants to live in Canada 2018

This video is based on the survey conducted by moneysense.ca on 415 Canadian cities and ranked them based on various …


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39 thoughts on “🇨🇦 Best City for Immigrants to live in Canada 2018”

  1. 1. Oakvile: little error available. Your speech is saying it has the population of 2,00,000 but in your presentation 20,000 is written.

    2. Longgggggg awaited video dear: Make the vid of those immigrants who have found the job after landing. Video of both male and female. How they survive and what problems they faced in the initial days. Earlier you had made the video but it consists of those persons experiences who already have the job before landing.

    Requested by me and other viewers many times.
    Kindly do make a vid on it…

  2. What if your a U.S citizen and your fiance is an immigrant thats given difficulty by ICE worried about them being deported even if you and them want to get married. Some immigration office lawyers say the safest way to ensure that you two can get married, have a family and live in peace is to move from U.S regardless if Trumps rein ends. I was fascinated by this and wanted to know your thoughts and the best places for that couple to move.

  3. your video changed someone's life I believe you r help full person. I'm under mattrick I'm working in Dubai past 10 years as tracks Drivers I want to go CANADA. But no one make video for us as a gide..pls sir make one video if any possibility for track Driver who's r under mattrick or help us Anather way…pls pls pls thank you sire.

  4. Hello, thank you for the amazing guidance you are providing. I seek your advice in a doubt I have, Will Canadian government consider a profile of 2 years experience(full time second shift 2016-2018) and Post Graduation(full time by attending college in morning from pune university 2016-2018) pursued in those two years only legit? Despite I have all the original documents of work experience and Post Graduation. Please advise.
    Thanking you in advance,


  5. Thank you fr this video. I m just doing my research fr my process….i work as a teacher what kind f jobs can i apply other than teachg…i m a commerce n eng lit post graduate.iteach english….any tips fr gettg a job whule being n india

  6. Do have any information about the secondary applicant's work experience ? If he/she doesnt have canadian work experience ,dey dont need to provide experience certificate for indian work experience ?

  7. Hello sir please also provide information of Quebec cities and living standard or conditions for Indians…I have read somewhere that there is too much racism.. please do this favour..

  8. Hello, I am a Govt servant here in India, but i feel no good future in this service now, but trust me quitting a permanent govt job and then try to search a job in Canada its a really risky task.
    please help me out.

  9. Hello, i have a question for both canada and Australia is this: i have 2 years of paid part time work experience from 2009 to 2011 while i was studying, is the recency of the work experience important, because i know for EE for example its in the last 10 years, but if i want to apply for state sposorships theyre requirements are different, if theres any states or proviences which recency of work experience isnt important? Thank you

  10. Hi Sir, I have a question about the immigration process that, When we have to submit the "Proof of Funds" and "Employment Verification" documents? Is it at the time of Visa Stamping or at the time of creating online Profile?

  11. Bro. I have one suggestion. Please make a video on how to and what to do for ITA as many of us are stuck around crs 435-440 and pnps are even harder now. Which province is accepting 435-440 for software engineers. Pls

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