Yes, literally just 1 simple setting will DOUBLE your mobile hotspot speed on ANDROID phones. Many of us use the Mobile …


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47 thoughts on “1 change DOUBLES your WiFi Mobile Hotspot Speed to increase your internet speed – TheTechieGuy”

  1. It's incredible how many people don't really know, that this feature existed. Doesn't even has to be a 5 minute Video, like noone watches the first 3 minute. I feel so much superior than other people now °^°

  2. please respond i change my phone to 5G hotspot and then i went and bot a 5G usb wifi card and when i turn on the hotspot it dosen't appear in the wifi selection but it shows all the 5G routers around me but it wont show my phones 5G any solutions on what i can do because i have 150mbps download and 90mbps upload on my phone and if i use 2.4G my wifi card sees it but i only get 20mbps and 3mbps upload. The wifi card i got is a tp-link AC600 archer T2U plus V1

  3. I have the Franklin T9 TMobile hotspot. When I switch from 2.4 to 5.8, it starts erroring out and no longer shows up in my phone's WiFi. Any advice for that?

  4. Please forgive me if this is a srtupid question but does turning it up to 5ghz increase the radiaton from the phone. Sorry i sleep near my phone and worry that it might fry me.

  5. BOO-HOO … so you do this at the beginning of your billing cycle, and you double your speed, and you reach your LTE speed data limit in 7 minutes instead if one full 1/4 hour, before the carrier throttles your tethering speed back to old DSL speeds at about 600 Kbit/sec, which is about 73 KiloBytes/sec. Here in USA, that is what happens. Going by your accent, you are likely in Europe, with much better regulated carriers and better consumer prices than here in the land of freedom for the robber barons. Be very happy you are there!

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