10 Best Countries to Live and Work in Europe

The European continent is made up of an eclectic mosaic of countries, each one with its own culture, traits, and histories. This rich …


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36 thoughts on “10 Best Countries to Live and Work in Europe”

  1. I agree, Europe has a lot of opportunities to live and work, not to mention that it is so easy to travel from one country to the other. Portugal is great, having a great climate, cheaper prices and beautiful scenery. Also, not mentioned here, Romania is a beautiful country waiting to be discovered.

  2. 10. Czech Republic 👍🏻
    9. Ireland 🌧 covid nazis
    8. Netherland ✅
    7. Portugal is great 👌🏻
    6. Greece weird candidate
    5. Belgium 🙄
    4. France 🤥
    3. Spain 👍🏻
    2. Germany Climate and Health Tyrany
    1. Denmark only country in the world with zero covid restriction 💪🏻

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