2021 Frustrating For Canada Immigration ? | FSW & Express Entry Draws

If you think Canadian Immigration 2021 was frustrating, I second you. Here’s what I think about the year 2021. #canada …


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28 thoughts on “2021 Frustrating For Canada Immigration ? | FSW & Express Entry Draws”

  1. Hii.. I am staff nurse. I have done diploma and degree in nursing and also have 8777 my CRS score is 457. According to my profession.. can I get ita ??? Pls reply… Any possibility any chance ???

  2. hi, I'd withdrawn my EE profile because it was older than six months, now I want to create a new one. But my older profile is still there I don't know how to delete it.

  3. Hi Ali, your videos are very helpful. I have a question, my CRS is 475 and Ielts result would expire on 4th Dec 2022. Do you think I stand a chance to get in the cut off before that? My age is 28

  4. Hi Mr Ali. Am confused with FSW and PNP. can we apply for both? currently i have submitted by express entry application. i see that i am eligible for FSW.
    One more question, after the express application, i understand i am in the pool, what will be the next step?

  5. So finally I got so frustrated that I dropped the plan to pursue for Canada PR and getting married next month with someone who has no plans to settle abroad. Hopefully it will be for good😇

  6. I feel good still because I have been studying the entire year. Hopefully when I finish the language tests in the middle of next year, FSW will reopen. If I had got all my scores earlier this year, I would have felt anxious while waiting day by day for the reopen and witnessing the test reports validity decreasing. I am just grateful that there is so much time for me to prepare. I am taking my second IELTS exam this coming January. I hope I won't miss by 0.5 points this time. May FSW reopen in 2022!

  7. Hi I need some help my Maso had an accident Yesterday on 25th December in Calgary Canada she is in critical condition I am waiting for her to visit me since 6 years n suddenly this happened I want to meet her once can you please tell me Can I visit her on visiter visa or is there any other way would be thankful If someone will help in this?

  8. Dear Ali bhae …
    I am going to apply for Atlantic immigration pilot program..
    1.Is it a good choice for me?
    2. Which province is better?
    I'm an Assistant Professor of Chemistry here in Government College.
    My qualification is M.Phil Chemistry.
    3. Do I need to hire a consultant for arranging job letter?

  9. Very disappointing year for the FSW candidates. I think even a single draw of FSW didnot conducted during this year. But lastly we have only one country to migrate i.e. Canada.. Hope for the best.

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