5 Best Free Web Hosting in 2019

5 – InfinityFree.net 4 – 000WebHost.com 3 – Bravenet.com 2 – Weebly.com 1 – Wix.com Coming in at 5th place is …


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22 thoughts on “5 Best Free Web Hosting in 2019”

  1. I used it for two weeks infinity free was awfully slow but I said it's ok since its free
    however when I uploaded it to Google search console it converted my whole site into ads and I can't access the site in anyway

    my website (animedono.ml)

  2. i would definately NOT recommend infinity free, it was good at the start but the unlimited data is absolute bullshit and is a lie along with the fact that in the TOS it says it can sell your data

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