7 highest paying jobs in the UK without a degree 2019/2020 | Earn over £100k

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45 thoughts on “7 highest paying jobs in the UK without a degree 2019/2020 | Earn over £100k”

  1. Im 18 right now and im struggling so much in what degree to do as I only have a afew months left for starting my degree which is business and management but I dont feel like its worth it 🙁

  2. As a Power Engineer for BT my basic pay including callout allowance and inner London weighting is £49k PA. With OT(available all year round) I can easily hit £70-75 a year.

  3. Thank you for this video. I want to go to uni just don’t have time or money for it, I work long hours 6-7 days a week. I want to make more money so I know higher education would help but I’d rather go to an apprenticeship or something and work my way up.

  4. Not sure how I stumbled on this video but glad I did. I would argue that jobs £100k+ don’t care about degrees or universities it is about credibility and experience. Degrees unless specific like medical, engineering and mathematics you’ll find are just to help get the first rung on the ladder.

  5. Why do some jobs require atleast 5 GCSEs when some schools only teach the bare minimum some people are set up to fail and even then if you have science maths english , how is drama , art , pe , history , religious studies helpful unless you wanted to be an art , pe , history or religious studies teacher

  6. I think so i am eligible for becoming a recruitment consultant. I have done BBA( Bachelor of Business Administration ) and in my elective courses i had HR Specialization courses Talent Management and Leading and Team Work.

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