Airline Ticket Refund | Covid-19| Trip Cancellation Insurance |Credit Card Chargeback

My wedding and travel plans got canceled due to Covid-19 and the airline company simply disappeared. I just got an email that I …


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7 thoughts on “Airline Ticket Refund | Covid-19| Trip Cancellation Insurance |Credit Card Chargeback”

  1. Hi, My family booked flights in February 2020 for august 2020.. of course like many others we thought it was best to just reschedule the flight. We're now in 2021 and the UK is still currently still in travel ban, meaning we can't flight out nor do we want to. The airline company has been difficult to get a hold of but we also paid for the tickets via a bank transfer how can we claim a full refund?

  2. This gives me hope! An airline changed my layover flight significantly, to the next day. They refused to refund me even though their policies state they will give a refund if flight was changed more than 4 hours. I ended up filing a claim with my CC. Let's see what happens! Thanks for your informative video.

  3. Hey man! Nice channel. Sorry to hear about your wedding. Its not the same, but I had saved a couple of years to take my kids on a disney cruise but that got cancelled as well. Hope you have the wedding you want when things are better!

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