Price: ₹768 - ₹729.60
(as of Feb 14,2023 07:57:19 UTC – Details)

Product Description AllExtreme Quick-Fill Electric Air Mattress Pump can inflate and deflate anything at the speed of Usain Bolt in a metaphoric sense. Our Electric Air Mattress Pump Comes with 6 nozzles, 3 for inflating and 3 for deflating the mattress. This air pump is very easy to use as it is automatic. All you have to do is to plug it in your car cigarette lighter spot and put the nozzle in the air inlet of the inflatable surface. It takes only a few minutes to completely inflate your air mattress and give you a comfy bed while road tripping. Things to Remember while using this air pump The power supply must be 12V and that too from a DC source.While using this pump, you should let the pump rest every 5 minutes while using a small adaptor. For big adaptors, take rest in every 10 minutes.To save fuel add shorten motors working time, make sure to use appropriate adaptor.Dont let your kids use it.Make sure to not use it for over 10 minutes. It will damage the pump.Never expose this pump to rain or any wet surface.
Three Interconnecting Nozzles for Deflation and Inflation Each – With our air pump, you get 3 interconnected inflating and deflating nozzles. These nozzles can be used to inflate and deflate almost every inflatable surface. You can use it to fill the air in car air mattress, inflatable swimming rings and life jackets, air jackets, kids toys, etc. All you have to do is to plug the pump in cigarette lighter spot of any car and put the nozzle in the air inlet of any soft inflating surface, press
Quick-Fill & High Pressure – Our pump is equipped with the super effective motor which inflates and deflates the bed in quick time. You will be amazed to see how much time you save by using this automatic pump
Compact & Lightweight – Our air mattress pump is easy to carry due to its compact size.
Safe to Use – With this pump, you can be assured that there won’t be any harm to anyone at the time of inflating inflatable mattress. We advise you to keep it away from the child and young teenagers.

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