Price: ₹2,450.00 - ₹899.00
(as of Sep 17,2022 11:50:00 UTC – Details)

BEM ANAVARATA or simply Ana is an online 1 Amp DC UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for Wi-Fi Routers, and provides 1 hour to 4 hours of uninterrupted power to the Wi-Fi Routers or any other DC device that consumes less than 1 A of current. Check the Label below the Router and ensure that current consumption is equal to or less than 1 Amps for reliable operation of UPS. 12V, 1A DC Out Ana is an ONLINE DC UPS; there is no switching when the power fails – no glitches – avoids VPN disconnection or conference call drops. Has both Mains ON (Charge) and DC ON (Discharge) Indicators: Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) offer smart charging capabilities to protect batteries and enhance battery life., Plug-N-Play : Ana is a consumer grade MINI UPS, DIY friendly and can be installed in less than 15 seconds! Simply replace the old power adapter to the Wi-Fi router with Ana. Power up Ana from the AC Mains. Insert the DC plug of Ana into the router and switch ON the DC Switch provided on the right side of the Ana box. Your router is now ready for uninterrupted operation. Uses BIS certified Lithium-ion cells, Type 18650, BLUE LED: ON indicates presence of AC Mains RED LED: ON indicates presence of DC Output Normal State: Both BLUE and RED LEDs are ON. Ana comes with an assorted range of colours. However, the available colour will be shipped.,

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