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Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth SpeakerBose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth Speaker SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Wireless Waterproof Speaker USB-C cable Quick start guide

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

The SoundLink Flex portable speaker does more than just immerse you – it provides a deep connection to your music. Tilt it, flip it, or hang it: PositionIQ technology will detect its orientation for optimal sound in any environment. Any one, since it’s an IP67 waterproof speaker, and fully protected against dust.

Immersive sound For all of life’s moments.Immersive sound For all of life’s moments.

PositionIQ Technology Tilt it. Flip it. Hang it.PositionIQ Technology Tilt it. Flip it. Hang it.

IP67 Waterproof speaker Rugged and ready for anything.IP67 Waterproof speaker Rugged and ready for anything.

Immersive sound For all of life’s moments.

The SoundLink Flex bluetooth speaker plays astonishing sound wherever you are. The audio is crisp, balanced, and free of distortions, so you can hear every detail of your music. Powerful enough to fill a room, the wireless speaker can play over ambient noise while you’re working or entertaining – and project loudly (and consistently) during outdoor activities.

PositionIQ Technology Tilt it. Flip it. Hang it.

It doesn’t matter whether the portable bluetooth speaker is upright on the counter, hanging from a shelf, or flat on its back: PositionIQ technology detects its orientation and provides natural, lifelike sound. And that happens automatically – you don’t have to do a thing. Even if you’re holding it, carrying it, or wearing it.

IP67 Waterproof speaker Rugged and ready for anything.

This portable speaker meets IP67 waterproof standards. Got it dirty? Just rinse it off. It even floats, so it won’t sink to the ocean floor if it falls off your board.

Sound performance
Clear, powerful 360° 360° Crisp, balance

Water resistance
Water resistant IP67 + dust protection Water resistant IP55 Water resistant IP55 Water resistant IPX7

Battery life
Up to 12 hrs/charge Up to 13 hrs/charge Up to 17 hrs/charge Up to 6 hrs/charge

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Works with Bose Smart Speakers & Soundbars
SimpleSync SimpleSync SimpleSync SimpleSync

Bose Connect app
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Stereo & Party Mode
Yes Yes Yes Yes



This IP67 waterproof speaker fits in a small space or bag. Designed to remain secure in any position, the wireless speaker allows you to listen to your music while adventuring — or even while taking a shower or relaxing on the patio. Plus, you can secure the outdoor speaker to almost anything using the utility loop.



The IP67 rating means this waterproof bluetooth speaker can go anywhere you do. The powder-coated steel grille and silicone exterior give the outdoor speaker a rugged texture that can withstand nearly anything. For added protection from water and dust, the tech is crafted with waterproof materials and sealed to keep out debris. The powder coated steel grille won’t peel or flake, and resists corrosion and UV light as well.

Battery lifeBattery life

Battery Life

With 12 hours of listening from one charge, it’s the ideal waterproof speaker for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hitting the beach, rock climbing, or camping, this portable speaker soundtracks your day from warmup to wind down.



SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker pairs with Bluetooth-enabled devices – think phones and additional Bose speakers – within a range of 30 feet. The outdoor speaker will even remember up to 7 of the most recently connected devices.





Battery lifeBattery life




Waterproof speaker-The IP67 rating means this waterproof and dustproof Bluetooth speaker can go anywhere you do.

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