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gas stove 2 burners|gas stove|stove|gas stove stand|gas saver|kitchen accessories items|max gas saviour|Gas Saver Burner Stand | Gas Saver Jali | Home Gas Stove Fire & Windproof Energy Saving Stand 1. Healthy 2. Time saving 3.Air saving 4.Windproof 5.Environmental Protection 6.Efficient 1 energy saving principle: Because the flame of the gas hood is exposed in the air, Easy to convection, Causes massive heat distribution. After using the product, after three gatherings, four reflections have made the flames more concentrated, Reflect the heat to the bottom of the pot, Firepower doubled. Cooking is time saving, the smaller the air valve opens, the better the saving effect. Ordinary moulding saves 50 – 56. 2. Material: This product adopts imported environmental alloys, High temperature refractory material, Burns do not deform, No rust, Durable. III. This product is easy to install, there is no need to modify the stove. Widely used in liquefied gas, Natural gas, Pipeline gas, Air mixing, etc…
Applicable to all type of Stove. Easily fit in all design
Gather Fire Energy-saving Hood Gas Stove Pot Holder Energy Saving Cover
Easily Removable and washable
Windproof Gas Stove Gather Fire Hood Fire Stove Cover Energy-Saving Hood
It can be Used for holding and to avoid wind towards gas flow.

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