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Easier way to stop hair fall is to change your water! MM Water SoftenerMM Water Softener

Beat Hard Water with Man Matters Water Softener : Get healthier hair over time MM Water SoftenerMM Water Softener

Backed by Research & Supported by Experts! MM Water SoftenerMM Water Softener

How to use: Get soft water in no time! MM Water SoftenerMM Water Softener

Does Water Softener Lower TDS level? Harmful tendencies in the hard water are mainly due to Calcium & Magnesium ions

Man Matters Water softener does not reduce or impact the TDS of hard water. As you could have a high TDS but no hardness. It only removes the harmful mineral content like Calcium and Magnesium ions present in the water that increases the hardness level. The problem with trying to measure hardness by a TDS meter is that TDS is caused by inorganic salts & hardness is caused by high mineral content. Instead of using a TDS meter, use a hardness testing strip to check the hardness of water.

Hard water stripHard water strip

Recommended Routine for better hair care


Deep Nourishes Hair & Scalp

Makes Water Soft (pH of 4.5)

Strengthens & Reduces Hairfall

Nourishes & Hydrates Dry Hair

Frizz-Free, Silky, Soft Hair

Direction of usage

Heat for 30 Seconds & Massage

Dilute water softener in water

Leave for 2-3 mins then rinse

Apply on your hair strands

Use on wet or damp hair

Recommended quantity to use

2 to 3 Spoons

Add 25 ml in one tub of water

2-3 Pumps

Coin-sized, Rinse after 5 mins

3 – 4 Drops of Serum

Active Ingredients

Onion, Bhingraj, & Shikkai Oil

Chelating Agents

Saw Palmetto, & Argan Oil

Silk Protein, & Argan Oil

Jojoba and Argan oil

SLS & Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

Product Qantity

100 mL & 200 mL

500 mL

200 mL & 300 mL

90 mL

90 mL

Safe & Effective

Frequency of product usage

used every alternate day


once every 2 days

Should be used thrice a week

After hair wash or styling

BALANCE pH: Our scalp needs a pH of 4.5 and hard water has a pH greater than 8.5 – making it harsh for your scalp. Adding this water softener would balance the pH of your bathing water. This helps in maintaining scalp health.
IMPROVES PRODUCT EFFICACY: When using harder water, hair products like shampoo and conditioner cannot perform their function well. Bathing water with balanced pH keeps your hair healthy and allows your hair products to work better.
SAFE & EFFECTIVE CHELATING AGENT: Hard water contains a very high quantity of calcium and magnesium, which causes a buildup on the scalp. The buildup doesn’t allow any hair product to reach the scalp optimally and deliver its benefits. This water softener works by balancing the pH of hard water and reducing the quantity of calcium and magnesium. Using soft, pH balanced water improves scalp and hair health!
HOW TO USE: Shake well before use. Add 25 ml of the Chelating Water Softener in a bucket full of water. Stir and wait to dissolve before using the water for washing your hair.
Note: Use only after diluting with water. Avoid direct contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children. For water that has very high hardness, please add an additional 20 ml of softner, and use a hardness testing strip to check whether hardness has reduced sufficiently. 3 caps of water softener is equal to 25 mL.
Man Matters Water Softener works on neutralizing Magnesium & Calcium ions reducing water hardness without Impact on TDS; Best way is to check with Water Hardness testing strips which measure Mg & Calcium ions concentration.
Quantity of water softener is dependent on water hardness in your tap water; if water is turning milky after adding & dissolving 25ml in a bucket; one should try to reduce water softener quantity a bit; Can use Complimentary water hardness testing kit to measure water hardness as well

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