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The common mistake of keeping the laptop on the bed while using it not only curtails its performance but also results in overheating. There will be instances when your laptop will shutdown itself because of overheating. It is advisable that you keep the laptop on top of a stand, not only while using it on the bed but everywhere else too. When the laptop is in direct contact with a bed, its fan sucks dust and other pollutants inside it and there have been instances when hard drives have been totally damaged because of it. Dust blocks the passage of air inlets and outlets of the laptop and multiplies the affect of heating. Portronics My Buddy A is a portable laptop stand which not only keeps your beloved laptop above the ground but also keeps it cool. Portronics My Buddy A is a must have for gamers and other users who indulge heavy graphics applications. These applications require a high amount of power from the chips of the computer to functions smoothly. As a result, the computer needs to work hard and subsequently heats up. The cooling pad comes into play then as it provides a gush of cool air to the chips keeping them cool. When the components inside the laptop are overheated, you will feel that the minutest operations take minutes to get over with and it will completely shut down after some time. Abrupt shut downs ultimately slow down the speed of hard disk and My Buddy A will protect the hard disk by keeping the laptop cool and running.
Fan speed : 2000RPM ±10%
Rating voltage: DC5V
Rating current: 0.25A±10%
Rated power :1.25±10% W

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