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Is today your child’s birthday As a father there is a great opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday? Parents together with their child can make this decoration on their own and it will be a pleasant experience Because we have made some balloon accessories products like balloon clip, manual/hand pump, glue dot, balloon arch etc in a combo which make your own balloon decoration easy, you do not need any professional. enjoy your parent child time
Great for party, wedding, birthday, graduation season and any special activity When you want to decorate the balloon yourself then you need some special small accessories which are available in this combo packet.
Balloon Dot Glue; The materials that need to be attached to the surface can be placed right on the sticky point without having to wait a long time for the glue to dry. If there is no residue left on the sticky object surface after use, you can warm it up with a hair dryer before removing it.
Balloon Flower Clip; Your creative potential for DIY is limitless. Because latex balloons of all sizes can be combined with the balloon decorating clip kit to create balloon arches, hearts or any shapes you want for party, wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, Christmas, anniversary or any special celebration events.
Arch Strip; The balloon decorating strip can be used to thread latex balloons of various sizes, create amazing party decorations like balloon arches and garland.
Balloon Pump; The hand balloon pump can pump twice as fast for more efficient inflation. Don’t tire yourself out while inflating your balloons!
Light and small, you can carry the balloon pump in your carry-on/suitcase when you go out to join a party anytime.

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