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Product Description

Wall mount inverterWall mount inverter

Smart Solar Wall Mounted Inbuilt Lithium Battery Inverter

Livsol Smart SolarWall Mounted Inbuilt Lithium Battery (LIFEPO₄ battery) Inverter are highly integrated, deep cycle backup power solutions for your solar home energy storage system.

Technical Specifications

Model Name 1100VA, 2100VA Battery Type Lithium Ion (LFP) Switching Element in SCC MOSFET Type of Solar Charger PWM Nominal Output Voltage 220V+_7V Output Supply Phases Single Frequency ( UPS MODE) 47-53 Hz Frequency ( Inverter Mode) 40-60 Hz Overload Capacity 125% 6 Sec (6 Retry) Overload Capacity 150% 2 Sec ( 6 Retry) Grid Charging Enable/Disable Yes Selection of UPS /Normal Load Yes MCB in Battery Path Yes Changeover time in UPS Mode <10 Changeover time in Normal Mode <40 Types of control Micro

Efficency of SCC >90% Creast Factor 3.01 Output THD (V) at linear load <5% Peak Efficiency of inverter <82%

Smart Solar Wall Mounted Inbuilt Lithium Battery InverterSmart Solar Wall Mounted Inbuilt Lithium Battery Inverter

Connection DiagramConnection Diagram

2 KVA Inverter2 KVA Inverter

Connection Diagram for Inbuilt Lithium Solar Inverter

Battery Chargeable by Grid or Solar Charging up to 3 times faster than Normal Inverter Lower Power Consumption than Normal Inverter


Key Features

Range includes all types of Solar Inverters having compatible battery pack.Sleek in design which will save space.Battery Life 10-12 Years.

Battery chargeable by Grid and Solar
No Acid Fumes, Maintenance Free
DSP Based Sine Wave and Fast Charging Speed
5 Years of Warranty for Battery and 2 Year of Warranty for Inverter

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