Amazon Deals Solar Home Lighting System

Price: ₹6,000 - ₹4,500.00
(as of Apr 24,2023 22:57:09 UTC – Details)

20W SOLAR HOME LIGHTING system equipped with a number of outstanding features like LED indications, battery status and protection functions. MicroController based Maximum Power Point Tracking technology (MPPT) which increases the charging efficiency. It’s an eco friendly power backup system. The output of this system can drive Phocos DC LED lamps and Mobile Charging unit. The major principle of maximum power point tracking technology (MPPT) is to extract the maximum available power from PV module by making them operate at the most efficient voltage. The product protects the battery from being overcharged by the solar array and from being deep discharged by the loads. USB connector for 5V supply to small appliances like charging cell phones, compact portable computers, small music players, with upto 500mA of current consumption. Applications Camping, barbeque, RV, sailing, beach party, vacation home, etc.
Battery voltage and capacity: 7.4V/2600mAh, solar panel power: 5Wp, USB connector o/p volt: 5.5V, product efficiency: >90%
LED light color: cool white(6500k), output power: 1W, Life span of LED: 50,000 Hrs, LED lamps provide high illumination levels with very low power consumption.
Controller is enclosed with metal case, Type of protection: IP 20.
Full sunny days 8 Hrs with solar charging, Cloudy days 24 Hrs with solar charging.

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