Amazon Deals Solar Home Lighting System

Price: ₹3,999.00
(as of Feb 24,2023 20:23:20 UTC – Details)

Place the solar panel in the shadow free direct sunlight area, where it can receive strongest possible sunlight. Connect the panel to the Solar Home Lighting unit. The green light in the system indicates charging of battery through solar panel. Red indications shows low voltage of the battery and load will be switched- off. How to use bulbs: connect the light bulb cable to the port with a light bulb symbol located on the control box and switch the solar home lighting system to “on” position. Charging for mobile phone: connect the mobile phone cable, having 5 nos. Of connector, to the charging port which indicated on the control panel. Make sure you locate the correct charging tip for the mobile phone you wish to charge. Notice: Red LED indicator located on the control box indicates the low battery status. All the bulbs and mobile charger will be off in this condition. Please charge the battery before any use of load. Light up 3 Rooms at the same time, with mobile phone charge function. Installation—all-in-one kit Cable—for each bulb Mobile phone charge—for different phones Protection—Overcharge and Over-Discharge Ideal for Home Lighting in Rural areas. 1. Solar panel: 5Wp Polycrystalline 2. Battery: 6.4 V, 6000 MAh LiPo4 3. LED Lamps: 3 x 1W Super Bright Water Proof LAMP 4. Working time: 8-10 Hours for 3 Lights after full charge 5. Charging time: 6-8 Hours in full sunlight 6. Mobile Phone Charging: 5 V, 500 ma (max.) 7. AC Charger-1000mA
Battery: 6.4 V, 6000 Mah LiP04
LED Lamps: 3 x 1W Super Bright Water Proof Lamp
Working Time: 8-10 hours for 3 lights after full charge
Charging Time:6-8 hours in full sunlight

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