Amazon Deals SOLAR UNIVERSE INDIA Off Grid Solar Inverter – 100VA / 12V and AC/DC Input

Price: ₹4,300 - ₹2,631.00
(as of Dec 21,2022 15:50:52 UTC – Details)

Solar Universe India SOLAR Inverter is an integrated hybrid solar system consisting of a Solar Charge Controller, Inverter and an AC Mains Charger. Batteries are charged either through Solar / Grid / DG set or with sharing of current. System gives priority to Solar Power first and uses Grid power only when Solar Power / Battery Charge is insufficient to meet the load requirements. Solar Power output and the load are continuously monitored. When batteries are charged to preset level the Solar Inverter automatically cuts off from the system and load runs through the UPS using the batteries. Maximum battery charging is done through the solar to reduce the energy used from grid power. This is a 12V-100VA hybrid Solar Inverter with PF of upto 0.80 which is mostly used for running AC loads of upto 80W such as table fans, tubelights, LEDs, laptop and other AC devices that consume less than 0.50 amps. It is very well suited for Off Grid areas where electricity is scarce and there is basic need for lighting. Due to constant technology advancements, the picture or look of the final product may vary however the features & functions will always be above and beyond what is advertised.
Multiple Protections – Short Circuit, Open Circuit, Reverse & Over Charge protection and Low Battery
Preference to Solar Power First, Battery Backup second & Option of Grid Charging Also (Third Preference)
Modified Sine-Wave with Inbuilt PWM based Solar Charge Controller and Copper Transformer
Operating Temperature – Upto 50 Degrees, Self Consumption – 92%
Max Solar Input – 12V-125W , Max Battery Bank – 12V-200ah, AC Input – 230V, Frequency – 50hz
Solar Panels & Battery Not Included

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