Americans React To 10 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia – Travel Video

Americans react to 10 best places to visit indonesia! In this video we are back with another indonesia reaction and this time it is a …


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38 thoughts on “Americans React To 10 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia – Travel Video”

  1. Hello from Indonesia.. You have to watch Analog Trip 1, Super Junior and TVXQ went to Yogyakarta for that reality show..

    I watch lot of your reactions,, specially SM artist.. thankyouu…

  2. 5:30 No, you don't want to jump into those blue torquisish lagoon on any mountain caldera. They're super acidic.
    If there is no vegetation living on the outskirts of the lagoon, it is a sign that the water in the lagoon is very acidic.

  3. Don't forget guys…🙏
    Indonesia is a country with a majority Muslim population and also the largest in the world. That is why Indonesia is a peaceful, safe country, highly respects tolerance and diversity.

  4. Komodo dragons are some of the most vicious animals on earth esp during mating season, you do not want to mess with them lol.. i think even 1 could eat a whole cow

  5. Thank you for reaction positive for indonesia, indonesia have many beach is very beautiful. Don't forget you visit the island of indonesia, i recommendation your visit the island Raja Ampat

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