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  1. Hi all, if you are skilled visas migrants who have been waiting for your visa granted for more than 1 or 2 years, please stay tuned! You are not alone!

    The Australian government has announced that they are pushing the process of these skilled visas. There has been a massive backlog since 2019, and some applicants have been waiting for it since 2018 without further notice.

    Unfortunately, we do not know the exact timeframe for each client for the visa process. Please stay updated by subscribing to our channel; we will keep updating all the latest immigration updates from Australia Government.

    For enquiries in submitting visa or state nomination, please click here: https://www.workvisalawyers.com.au/make-an-enquiry.html

    Thanks for watching and supporting Work Visa Lawyers!


  2. Hi Chris, thank you for the update. Please answer My question I have applied for 491 visa program and project managed skill, could you guide me on when SA will open for offshore applicants, I’m growing older waiting.

  3. It should remain closed to citizens of those countries who abstain from voting in the UN against the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Stop remittances of money from Australia to these countries. Targeting Russian oligarchs is laughable and they will lose the oncoming election if it is all they are prepared to do.

  4. Hi sir any idea regarding 482 visa grant from offshore I applied my visa on 12 th jan 2022 and got case officer on 8 th feb no other update. How long it will take to grant visa normally after we got the case officer. Please do reply

  5. Hello
    Can I Eligible for either SA or NSW , I already Applied ROI as offshore. so, What Will Be Chance For Invitation this round ?

    My Occupation is 312211 Civil Engineering draftperson, Subclass_491), I have positive Skills assessment with 7.5 Year experience and superior score in English ( Cambridge- Each module 8 nd Overall 8.5)
    "What is the chance to get an Invitation from either South Australia or New southWales??

  6. Hello sir , sir I wannna ask that my visa was expired on June 2021 and after that I have applied for a student visa but was refused by Australian immigration so I want to know if I m eligible for this enlivening and I was outside Australia from January 2021…so please let me know if possible

  7. Sir I've lodge my visa on 18 Jan and done medical on 28 jan which submitted to the department on 1 Feb. How much time it will take to grant me student visa as my college is going to start from 28 Feb???
    Please reply

  8. Hi Chris, I am a parent to 3 children and I want to migrate to Australia with my children for their education. So please how possible will that be. I need your advice please. Thanks

  9. Hi Chris, thanks for the video. Would you be able to advise if any of the recent 485 PSW extension for masters by coursework applies to existing visa holders? When applied, there was an option for a second PSW but the regulations was changed mid application. Just wondering if regulatory changes does affect existing visa holders as it did during application period.

  10. Halo Sir thank you to you. Sir you are chacking your Email address confirm. My CV .and Sir.you gives fust location zoom video appointment pegistered migration Agent. Work visa lawyers.
    Sir I am going at there.

  11. Hey Chris currently I am India and have been here since 2years and in 2021 July my student visa has got expired. I am in the middle of my course. Can I apply my replacement student visa now or how to contact Australia immigration. I could not find their email address. Ta

  12. Hi sir, I have completed master from offshore due to stuck and expired my student visa . Now I had applied 485 visa. My medical expired after lodging 485 visa, does it affect decision? Do I have chances to get refused?

  13. Hello Chris stumbled upon this video. Very informative. I live in th Pacific and am currently undertaking studies at APTC for Cert III in Culinary in hopes to be able to work in Australia. What visa must i apply for as a first timer. Or what website can i look into for more info and job opportunities. Thankyou

  14. Hello Sir, thanks for your all explanation.
    Please tell what is the visa processing time and visa success rates of  "Student (Temporary) (class TU) Student (Subsequent Entrant) (subclass 500) visa"  application ??

    Regards —

  15. Hi Chris. Thanks for sharing this useful video. I'm waiting for 189 visa grant since 24 months (offshore), occupation is Developer Programmer. Application is rigid and shows same status recieved, its quite frustrating. Please advice . Thanks

  16. Hello, I have applied for onshore student visa 500 (vocational) in august last year , completed my medical examination on November 10 of last year. I haven’t got any response yet . Any idea on the approximate time to get the visa granted?
    Thanks Abdul

  17. Hello Sir,
    I am an offshore expired 485 visa holder since 2020 March.
    So does it mean that from 18th of February i will be notified about my visa extension and can we travel australia in February?
    Thank you!

  18. thanks for the valuable video .. please tell me , what are my chances currently with 95 points family sponsor and NSW , civil engineer, offshore?

  19. Hi Chris! Thank you for the very informative video as always. Would you have any information if the processing of the backlogs of the 190/189s will perhaps begin within this cycle (2021/2022), or if it'll be in the next one (2022/2023)? Could/should we remain hopeful that things might turn around before the end of 2022?

  20. Any news on when the WHV criteria will change for 🇬🇧 citizens (age/no farm work etc) ? Or if the agriculture visa will be offered to Brits aswell?

  21. Respected Chris Johnston my sibling Australian citizen if we came in Australia visitor visa we have any chance another visa .my two sons 11year nd 6year ,we already visited Australia 5,6 tym can we meet u in ur melbourne office sir PLZZ reply me

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