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29 thoughts on “Australia's China Problem”

  1. "…period of growth irregardless of how China's doing, diversification is crucial."

    Irregardless? Really?
    That was the moment I realised you don't know what the fuck you're on about and no longer need to be listened to.

  2. Stupid Yankee Doodle history lesson🤣🤣Listen to an Aussie talk about Aussie not an American who loves his own voice.Lost me on the first few sentences

  3. These Two fake couple Are Brutal Romance Scammers.
    my ex husband's Chinese mistress as cpa accountant Qiao Hong Cai and her husband paul liang regularly sneak into my house and digging out whole my house and destroying my stuff thing. Because They got the keys to my house and spying my iPhone phone. They exactly knowing when I'm out.
    must remember this Will came into you life.
    " life is a Circle "
    Nature is watching all your actions.

  4. Australia hasn't had a recession in 3 decades
    A few minutes later says that if China had a recession Australia would have half the amount of damage no matter what.
    What a load of shit

  5. China is thousands of miles from Australia. It has no warships sailing up and down the coast of Australia but Australia does with the Quad. China had been a good trading partner with Australia till the fall out. In short Australia made an enemy of China not China making an enemy of Australia to start with. I suspected it is purely racism. Australia's white supremists just cannot accept an Asian country that can be rich and powerful.

  6. The foreign especially Chinese students are interested in aus universities only for one reason which is the possibility of immigration. Other than that there are no benefits in studying in Australia

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