Banggood.com… They carry toys, gadgets, and, well, intimate items as well (as the name would imply). I’ll be up front with you …


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49 thoughts on “Banggood.com… Is it as Dirty as it Sounds?”

  1. Been trying to get a refund on a DOA product for 2 months. Don't buy from Banggood unless you can afford to throw your hard earned money down the toilet. They do not honor their Return Policy.

  2. I order a cellphone from Banggood that cost 185$ last June 3, 2021 and it arrives and delivera to me on June 23, 2012.To my surprised when I open the package it was just a pack of stones and it was witness by the delivey person because he saw it when I open the package.I take photos of the stones and the delivery person and his details as witness and send it to Banggood as evidence and made complain to the Banggood company but they only reply me that I will complain it directly to the Logistic company.until this day I still did not receive my refund.I will not buy again from Banggood because they will just wash thier hands when there is a problem and used your money.

  3. Terrible customer service!!

    Banggood order no. 86973331.EV200D FPV goggles

    1) Very poor customer service, 2) Incorrect and poor specifications in user manuals. 3) No compensation after loss even due to company's fault in printing incorrect specs.4) BG refuses to accept any mistake and do not work with supplier to compensate customers.

    Sadly, today I lost £250 EV200D goggles just because of incorrect specifications.
    (user manual which has incorrect specifications
    highlighted red in Ports section DC 2S-5S)

    I powered up my goggles with a 4S lithium ion pack through DC port as the manual says DC 2S-5S . As soon as I plugged in, I heard a short burst it seemed like some IC burned out inside.

    Afterward goggles won't power up, I even tried using USB port, no signal at all. I barely used these goggles may be once or twice before and they are without a single scratch like brand new.

    I emailed BG support team to look into the issue and what I got was a vague and blunt response below:
    "For the defective product, we suggest you to repair the product or buy a replacement in local store. Simultaneously, we will send your feedback to our supplier.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused and looking forward to your reply.

    Now the big question is …
    Why should the customer repair the item from a local store when it got damaged due to incorrect specs provided by the company??

    I felt BG customer service is not up to the mark. They bluntly said goggles are out of warranty and cannot help. Instead they should contact Eachine on Customer's behalf, explain to them about company's fault in misprinting wrong data and sort out this issue. I spent £250 quid on these goggles and used probably twice or thrice, what a shame!

  4. DO NOT buy at Banggod !!! They are thieves, they are going to rob you, they stole 80 dollars from me, you speak to support and they do not understand! They will rob you, avoid headaches!

  5. Banggood won't refund a defective product. If they do they want you to pay the shipping costs to send it back. Even then it'll take you months of arguing with them online. Don't shop with them.

  6. Please read my true buying experience: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vS7R2aO2IY1mwwSiPGat0mUzRqHaXOVELqbyQUNwk4wFVUcWuOA9p1FS9z5FQylp-VV5a0oHMIFyw0D/pub

    Banggood.com is a scam. you will take your money and ask you to wait. When you requested the cancelation, your order will be disappeared on the website. Then, your buying nightmare began. See my google doc which logged all the fact.

    (Dear youtube viewers, please see the attached google document on google drive. Help to like my review to push it to the top. I am helping the rest of American not getting scammed by this ecommercial website which deleted buyers' orders on their site with no trace. Your email and paypal record are the only proof in my case.)

  7. Strongly suggest watching banggood customer service reviews what you see isn't always what you get and your hard-earned money does not always get refunded

  8. Never trying them again and I will warn everyone I know!!!

    I tried to order a phone there, luckily they were thinking my payment card is not good enough for some reason and they did not charge me otherwise I'm sure I would be losing money too.

    Now I'm trying to get rid of the account with them.

    The support is straight out contantly "misleading" me for like 3 weeks that is deleted and then the next guy saying again it will be deleted and continue opening meaningless cases and so on and so forth.

    Meanwhile I can login and see all my addresses and they probably keep my financial information as well. They seem so bad that sooner than later they will get hacked and my details will get sold on the internet…

  9. I made a $200+ purchase from Banggood because they advertised a one year warranty. After nine months when the product died, I found out my big mistake. I hope my warnings spare other people the wasted money and cost Banggood ten or one hundred times what they cost me.

  10. three months later and still nothing from Order No: 82952434 contacted paypal and made cases and still nothing,i guess my money is gone, order was made april 8th it is now june 24th and nothing tracking says same thing it did back in april, thought these people was going to help me but nope, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!! your order is subject to never arrive and your money GONE!

  11. Banggood is a total rip off! Ordered a whoop, props and batteries for my sons birthday. 3 weeks later the props arrive so I contact the company about the rest. They proceed to tell me the props and batteries have been shipped but the drone has been out of stock for months and they don't know when or if it will be restocked. It's cost prohibitive to send back the batteries and props to China so free money for Banggood. Apparently they want to keep it all though as I am STILL waiting for a refund! Grrr!

  12. Banggood buyers , Beware ! If they send you a wrong item, not as described, wrong size ,etc. , and you have to ask for a refund , good luck to you. Their refund policy seems to be clear : NO REFUNDS. Pay with PayPal if you can , it would help a lot if you have to ask for a refund.
    I asked for a refund for a wrong size item delivered and week after week all I've got from Banggood was promise after promise , lie after lie. When I decided to escalate the issue to a PayPal claim , Banggood decided to keep emailing me , lame attempts to intimidate and so on :
    "…For this case, please close the Paypal complaint. After finishing, please send us the screenshot to prove that. When we confirm, we will refund …. Please trust us. We will do what we have promised.
    – followed by :
    "…Dear ….
    Thank you for your feedback regarding order [……….] This program (PayPal claim) must be closed. There is no way to receive a refund without closing.

    Your early response will be appreciated.Have a nice day. Best regards, Lina "
    Do not fall for this scam. PayPay is your only chance to get your money back If you cancel your PayPal claim , you lose the chance to get your refund.

  13. Banggood spam emailed the hell out of me, non stop, even after I unsubscribed they kept spamming me!!! 40 spam emails in a month!! They sell cheap, fake crap!! Oh and have you noticed that they dont offer any way to let you delete your account???!!! Best advice: DONT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM!!

  14. If you ever have to return an order, they will spin a long yarn and your end up stuck with your broken item and the site policys are useless, dont buy over $40 and consider it a gamble.

  15. Like many others have commented, if something goes wrong with your order, assuming you got the stuff to begin with, you're in customer service hell with Banggood. I've dealt with uncooperative Chinese vendors before, but Banggood is in a class by itself. The cell phone I got from them was defective. It took me almost a month to get them to authorize its return, but they provided me no return label or even a properly formatted address. The US Postal Service took the address info and formatted it for the customs/shipping label, but after 4 months the phone was returned undelivered. I've complained repeatedly to Banggood, but they decided to just start ignoring me. So I have a defective phone and to boot am out of the shipping charges for the return. Worst online purchasing experience ever.

  16. I purchased a drone from Banggood. The drone does not work. It will not fly. I have asked for help from Banggood Support. They have not helped. They try to claim that I am not following the instructions. I have purchased many drones from Banggood in the past, so I have experience. There is something wrong with this drone. I requested to return the drone within the 7 day limit, but I have not received any response about returning the product. Since the 7 day limit has now expired I am going to ask for a Chargeback from the Credit Card Company. I will no longer purchase anything from Banggood in the future.

  17. Bastards got me.. Bought a small monitor from them and the bloody thing was faulty. It was a cheap piece of shit. I wrote to them, sent them photos and a video of why it was crap and faulty. They just kept up with the false promises and apologies. It took 6 months before they offered me a small refund. I told them I wanted the whole refund and I havent heard back from them since

  18. I got ripped off by Banggood. PayPal could not help. Here is the story.

    I placed an order. The order was split. Tracking number on one of the packages. Of course the package that arrived was the tracked one. Created a dispute on PayPal. PayPal received the tracking number from Banggodd and denied my dispute. “Tracking number provided by seller, dispute denied” was their answer.

    Banggood replied: “We regret to inform you that we are unable to arrange a replacement or a refund since the order is not covered by shipping insurance. We advise you to buy shipping insurance next time.”

    So guys a gals, if you are considering buying from Banggood, remember to buy insurance and calculate the cost of insurance when comparing prices.


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