Banggood Window Shopping // LOW KV 6S RTF FPV Drone!!!

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29 thoughts on “Banggood Window Shopping // LOW KV 6S RTF FPV Drone!!!”

  1. Those 25xx and 26xx motors are just added weight. use them and the motors alone will push your weight to 160 grams. thats just crazy, thatss wrong with the 22xx and 23xx motors? Those have awesome performances too!

    I think the 25 and 26 motors are just for much larger quads or to show off. I can see how they'd work with say, 300mm (around there) sized quads… but even good 22xx motors can make those sized quads a force to be reckoned with

  2. hey Drone Mesh, can you please confirm that's your FB profile we chatted on? I've been asking you about the amperage scale on the racerstar tattoo f4s 🙂 p.s. I'm still waiting for you to send me those 😛

  3. I'm curious which micro brushless frame with not so exorbitant price is good for Emax RS1106 motors with 3 inch props? My 125H frame arm cracked after last weekend fun and will apparently go off in next crash 🙂 Also 3 inch Avan T-props will be available in next week – want to try them as well. Searching for a new frame was not easy – most frames in this category have too thin arms or wrong carbon cut direction or are too heavy for 1105/1106 motors 🙁 After 2 hour searching decided that A-max Akitainu 130X – https://bit.ly/2EWHUqY should be the best replacement. Do anyone here already tested this frame?

    PDB-s are still useful if you should temporary use regular ESC's because your 4-in-1 ESC fried in crash and replacement will arrive only after 3-4 weeks. I still have a pair of unused ones 🙂

  4. @Drone Mesh
    As far as my research has shown the main 'cheap' 6S guys are using for low KV setups is the PULSE batteries.
    As am sure you know they are pretty cheap …. so maybe get someone back home to buy them then have them shipped to you probs turn out cheaper than buying 6's at Eurof@g prices.( i can say Eurof@g as am from England 😛 )

    Think checking out a low kv setup is a great idea … IMHO its THE future of quads …. been around since forever in Truggy/Buggy racing, Boat racing and fixed wing …. in boat racing low kv is a WELL understood science these days.

  5. as a consumer hobbyist with limited resources listening to you say again and again "I THINK I WILL PICK UP ONE OF THESE" (with the money you give me thru Patreon) sucks. Thank you for the awesome reviews. You have still not put up for sale any kwads ?

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