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Barrie #Ontario #Travel Barrie Ontario Canada Travel 4k video Barrie is a city and manifesting regional centre in Central Ontario, …


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31 thoughts on “BARRIE Ontario Canada Travel”

  1. Sorry but barrie has a really shitty looking downtown… lmao not gonna lie… it is an eye sore.

    The Neighborhoods in the south and north end look way nicer. Also the cottages around the lake are beautiful… downtown tho… no.. its just bar after bar after bar pretty dirty and nasty in general.

    if you disagree with me you haven't actually been there.

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  3. So the last time I was in Toronto, I stayed at an Airbnb in Chinatown and this beautiful young woman I met in the lobby was from Barrie. So I'm checking out what Barrie is like. It turns out it's as beautiful as the girl from the Airbnb.

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  5. Some 11 years ago I lived in Canada for about a year and I used to have a gf from Barrie. She was studying in Hamilton, however she used to take me to her parents in Barrie quite often. I can still recall most of the city as if I was today. Though it looks as if downtown saw quite a bit of renovation since then. Loved it.

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  7. i really like barrie!
    have to go back asap.
    thanks to the creator for keeping us up to date about the city!
    greets from germany 🇨🇦🇩🇪

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