What is GIC for Canada? CIBC Bank Vs Scotiabank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olLCnTFLUd4 ***Get your GIC from CIBC …


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23 thoughts on “Best places to live in Canada for Immigrants”

  1. Akka, Whats the scope for a structural engineer in canada? I couldn’t find much Univ offering structural engineer. Why is that so where as it’s the most prestigious position when it comes to civil

  2. I am b.tech. civil engineering student 6th semester. I want to pursue MBA construction management from Canada. Please tell me about this course, best collage of University to do it and job opportunity after this. Please reply I email you as well but you don't reply🙏🙏

  3. Hey! could you please tell me how are the job opportunities for software developers after PGDM in IT. Just wanted to know how good are the opportunities for graduate certificate holders. I'm planning to pursue a PGDM program, so your response will help to take a better decision.

  4. Hey keerthi, first of all thank you so much for Putting so much effort in making all these videos ; they are definitely so fruitful & i am just wondering if you know anything about Nova Scotia, is it good place to live & about Cape Breton University as i am planning to apply there

  5. Hello sister actually I am following you since 2years actually I had doubt please replay me sis actually iam planing to do masters in Canada this year on September actually i had one doubt being an international student from India how it will be in Canada i mean the response from Canadians i mean will there be any racism being Indian in Canada please replay me sis

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