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15 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting Providers for Beginners | WordPress Hosting Comparison”

  1. Thanks so much for your well explained video. Could you please answer a question for me? I have a blog on blogger which I only started because it was part of my online training for the last few months, but also have a website on WordPress and had somebody help me get my WordPress SEO, etc sorted but she has since stopped. I am a total newbie so don't know much about anything online (I know it sounds crazy in this day n age) I now want to move my blog from blogger to WordPress. I realize I would have to purchase a new domain with a similar name as my blog, as I cannot take my domain name with me. Apparently, it belongs to Google. Can I use my existing WordPress site for my second domain or how does it work? And which hosting company works well in Africa? I would so appreciate someone's help PLEASE.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I know this might stupid, but I have to ask, is it possible to customize the design of my blog with phone alone if I buy a domain from GreenGeeks? Thanks in advance.

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