Best WordPress Web Hosting | An Honest Comparison

I went on a mission to find the best WordPress web hosting, or web hosting for any type of website! In this honest comparison, …


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43 thoughts on “Best WordPress Web Hosting | An Honest Comparison”

  1. Namecheap pulled a bait and switch on us and stole our domain. Their customer service was rude, condescending, and utterly unhelpful. Plus, if you find their website builder easy, you must not have an apple computer, as it was clearly not compatible. I am definitely no tech guru, but I have built websites before, simply, and this was anything but. Looked like crap.

  2. I went to sign up for blue host & hostinger & they do not let you pay every month. When you sign up for the annual or 2 year plan you have to pay in full 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Hostinger have certainly sloped since this was posted. Try updating a plugin with them, it takes your website offline for a while. Try updating 2 at a time and your site crashes. And now the wait time for help (to reset the website) is around an hour

  4. Hello Craylor
    I was with Bleuhost at first I had a bad experience with them. I decided to go with godaddy, do you recommend to have both the web hosting and DNS with godaddy , or to keep my DNS with Bleuhost and webhosting with godaddy. Thank you

  5. The question would be how much is hosting after you've been with them a while. @ hostmonster I'm now up to 20 bucks a month and their customer service has never been that great.

  6. This, this was the video I've been looking for. Thank you! So many people with bias reviews on YouTube. Because of it I was leaning towards hostgator, or hostingers. Now Dreamhost is one that is in the lead. I wish hostingers was still 80 cents lol

  7. I eventually want to end up with shopify but it's expensive as a starter. Looking at your all videos it looks like I will either buy domain from hostinger or name cheap and then select hostinger as my web host… But what would be role of shopify in future. Is it a host?

  8. Siteground recently introduced two-way-authentification with an evil twist for webdesigners: Even when clients deactivate it, it still stays active and also has a geo-lock, which in essence makes it impossible for web deisgners to do their job. Speaking to Siteground, they don't seem to understand the issue or simply don't care. I had to switch to other hosting companies as a result. It's a real pity, but Siteground is not an option anymore.

  9. Thanks for the information. Like many have stated, most videos appear to be paid advertisements rather than honest reviews. This actually has some good content. Namecheap now offers twice a week backups btw.

  10. Hi Craylor, thanks a lot for the video. I have a question. I'm planning to create a blog and my audience is mostly in the EU. Does the location of Web Server matters? Does it affect the website loading speed a lot?

  11. I came here because I was fooled by bluehost. I thought I bought a monthly subscription but what I got where 140 dollars ripped off my bank account, and I requested a refund. So I'll do my research on every individual alternative you mentioned, thanks for the vid

  12. I had some negative experience signing up with namecheap. Sign up online was not that bad then I get some contradicting email instructions. I got on live chat to make sure that I did all I needed to do to finalize the domain name purchase. A week later they called me asking for the credit card number I used. When I said I didn't have the number with me, they locked my account and emailed me saying if I didn't respond they will cancel my order. There were some language barrier on live chat as well. That was just buying a domain name. I cannot imagine what kind of trouble ahead for hosting. Good luck.

  13. Remember how Anna (Elsa's sister from Frozen) maried that prince from first sight and then turned out he is a bad guy,
    bluehost should not force people who watched frozen to buy yearly!

  14. This isn’t a great guide.

    Here’s what you should look at for hosting, siteground first year

    WPX for speed and support

    Cloudways for value by far.

    And finally Closte for #1 speeds

  15. Information about site ground super outdated. All the issues you talked about are resolved and here in Australia its perfect as they have servers here and bluehost is very poor performance as its in America and stuff

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