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23 thoughts on “#Blackseedoil Black Seed Oil and Hypothyroidism”

  1. Where do you buy the black seed oil at and that big one you didn't put the link below could you put the link below and do they have a phone number to order

  2. God bless you all for this video. My questions are do black seed oil expire because a have a bottle for almost two years that I started taking and stopped because of the taste. I poured it out from its original bottle to another bottle and now I don’t know if it is still ok to take. The next question is what kind of iodine did you recommend. I am so sorry if I didn’t hear you mention it. Thank you so much and remain blessed.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Very informative! I'm sick and tired of suffering. You're so right about these doctors in Florida telling you that oh this is not high enough or that isn't low enough! Which brand of each item in the mixture ? Please list each item in the mixture.

  4. Thank you for this information. I am slowly stopping Levothyroxine and have been taking black seed oil for a month. My body has responded well. What do you think about taking L Tyrosine with the black seed oil? Thanks so much!

  5. My doctor told me I can’t get off my thyroid medicine because my heart might not work right without it. I would like to heal myself so I can get off.what should I do?

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