Calgary VS Toronto – Best City to Live in Canada.

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32 thoughts on “Calgary VS Toronto – Best City to Live in Canada.”

  1. Calgary is the only major affordable city for current and future generations Canadians and Immigrants. I am already seeing some of my friends and relatives who work from home moving to Calgary. We will see more of this trend in coming years.no one can live on expensive rents forever

  2. Born, raised & still a resident of Toronto. Yet neither where I live in the city & or Calgary would top my list of best places to live in Canada. And instead, my choice’s for said mantle would be Montreal first, followed very closely by beautiful Vancouver-British Columbia.

  3. In California, some people drive 3 hours just for work! Usually, those people are staying close to their work during the weekdays back home during the weekends.

  4. Thanks, Igor, for so much information. By the way, I'm from Ukraine too
    I'm planning to move to Toronto. I have an online job and I don't need to look for a job. Do you think $30k US a month is enough to live off of in Toronto?

  5. Привет Игорь! Очень рада что наткнулась на этот канал) Me and my husband started to think about moving from Toronto to Calgary. Everything you've said about Toronto is correct. It's extremely expensive to live here and honestly I'm not really satisfied with the life. Can you please tell how hard it is to find a job in Calgary?

  6. Toronto is not trying to be a Canadian version of New York any more than New York is trying to be the US version of Toronto. Toronto is trying to be a bigger better version of itself.

  7. Lived in Toronto for 7 years and Vancouver 6 years. West coast is hands down best place to live. Toronto is unfriendly and you feel alienation, very crowded and not affordable. People in Toronto also don't clean up after their dog shit or their own garbage.

  8. I've visited both the City of Calgary and the City of Toronto. The City of Toronto is the Capital City for the province of Ontario, while Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. Edmonton is the Capital City of the province of Alberta. Both Cities are located in Canada.

    – Here is some information on the Calgary Metropolitan Region, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calgary_metropolitan_region. The major industries in Calgary are Petroleum & Natural Gas extraction, Tourism, and Agriculture.

    – Here is additional information the Greater Toronto Area, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Toronto_Area. The major industries in Toronto is Finance, Trade, Entertainment, and Manufacturing.

    In my opinion, Toronto and Calgary complement each other. The TransCanada highway/road link between the Cities needs improvement and only the real connection is by freight rail and air cargo. We should also consider the great distance between Toronto and Calgary. Assuming that you are driving Westbound from Toronto, you need to pass by Barrie, Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Kenora, Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Swift Current, Medicine Hat, and finally get to Calgary. I think that more trade between Toronto and Calgary will benefit Canada. Canada can't rely on the America's Interstate Highway to connect our country.

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