Campus Tour Of Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This video shows whats inside Saint Mary’s University, how does it look, some favourite spots of mine to sit and study, have fun, …


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25 thoughts on “Campus Tour Of Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada”

  1. i used to study in Griffith Uni Australia and we had a really nice burger joint called Griffs. Show us the canteens etc food courts of unis in Canada and malls in Canada..it will be nice to see that if possible, i like your videos and you are coming across well 🙂 thanks Escaping The Ordinary With Kannagi

  2. Great video! I will be coming to dalhousie university in fall 2021 to do my undergrad in Computer science so can you please tell the scope of IT in Halifax like the job market…

  3. Absolutely best and most detailed tour of SMU available on the internet right now. Loved it. Will definitely be sharing it with my friends and family. And thank you so much for doing this.

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