In this video, we are once again breaking and beating down on the backlogs to understand what’s going on and what to expect …


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50 thoughts on “Canada Immigration Application Backlogs | What to Expect? #ForeverHopeful #ExpressEntryToCcanada”

  1. I lodged study visa application on oct 6. The timeline for ppr is now at 28 oct and they have left a lot of applications from my St clair college behind.
    I am attanding online classes now and I don't know when will i get visa?
    Should i withdraw from college?

  2. Aor: Jan 13, 2021. Medicals expiring in February 2022. Should I get them done again or wait for official communication from IRCC? Please advise on any other documents that we need to update

  3. Hi Sir,
    I gave my Canada biometrics for ICT Work Visa on November 22nd 2021 in India at Hyderabad VFS Global office.

    I am waiting for the Passport Request Letter. It's been 4 weeks till now and I haven't received the letter.

    How many weeks I need to wait to receive my Passport Request Letter for my work visa ?

  4. Hey there! What do you think will IRCC clear study permit application for Jan 22 before term begins? P.S I’ve filed my application on 13th November (re-applying because of baseless previous rejection which says I’ve not submitted my IELTS result and Transcripts) cheers

  5. Hi, sir thank you so much for taking out time and providing the most updated information. I had a work permit and biometric (IRCC) is completed on 24 September. I m waiting for a visa.it completes 12weeks. I hope you can give me a suggestion.

  6. Sds file lodged: 13, October 2020but gc key account got locked same day, unlock on 25 August 2021, biometrics completed: 7 October 2021, medical updated: 9 August 2021, aip received: 19 January 2021, taking online classes of may intake 2021, when PPR will come😰😰it's been more than a year still no decision has been made, ielts also got expired yesterday, pls suggest me what should I do😖😰 it's very frustrating to do more wait 😕

  7. Sir! Thank you for this video. We have TRV situation. My boyfriend (from Honduras) had his biometrics taken last July 29. SHOULD HE REAPPLY since there's the Sep 7 cut off? He submitted his TRV (all documents and payments) online.

  8. Non sds
    12th –84% (2021) in business subject 92 marks.. commerce CBSE
    General business course opted.(CAMBRIAN COLLEGE,)
    5.5 in one module
    File lodge –19 oct.
    Bio–10 nov.
    Itr–nearly 10 lac
    Ca report–1 cr.40 lac including gold nearly 10 lac and LIC policies
    Current account bank statement 40-50 lac transaction show before 6 months and 4-5 lac available

    When will expect my ppr?/visa chances..

    Here is my 12th marks..

    I got overall 6.0 bands

  9. I got my visitor visa in 2019 nd visited canada in 2019 and my passport nd visitor visa expired in nov 2021, meanwhile i applied for study visa but got refusal , if i m again applying for visitor does it can have impact due to student visa refusal?

  10. Hi Sir, I received my PR CEC ITA at the end of Feb 2021 and submitted my PR application in May 2021 (PR CEC Outside Canada) and my medical (passed in July)/biometric is done in August.

    Any idea by when can I expect an update from IRCC. Does the Christmas/vacation would hamper the Visa process or will they continue to work

  11. Sir have applied for PR (CEC inland with Outland dependents) on September 2nd 2021 still have not received any update and also no response for web form. What to do ?

  12. Hi Sir, can you comment on PFL processing time? Have submitted reply with evidence about 4 months back. This is application submitted in Delhi. It is really a test of endurance.

  13. Sir i got rejection in dec 2020 sds file from canada college quebec… relodge in December 2020 in same college for jan intake 2021…due to no updates changed dli in may 2021 to Toronto without withdrawal and paid fees of canadore college…now deffer to jan 2022 from September 2021 …
    Still no update….i m not getting anything on YouTube regarding dli changed files…can i get result before jan or in jan?sds file

  14. Hi Sir, Are we allowed to continue with our indian full time job while taking online classes from Canadian college or I need to quit the job as I am still waiting for study permit approval and taking online classes.

  15. Hi Sir!!
    Greetings from Sri Lanka.
    I've planned to initiate a LMIA application to Canada. Is it advisable to take this chance and move forward or based on the prevailing situation will it be unethical? Seeking for your advice.

  16. Hello, I have submitted my SOWP file on September 17, 2021. My biometrics has been done and updated on October 8, 2021. My medical was done on August 28, 2021 but still not updated. Can you please give me an idea by when can I expect my visa? Thank you 🙂

  17. Hi Sir,
    I got ITA in Feb 2020 FSW candidate from India, submitted application on May 2020, completed biometrics by Feb 2021, my medicals expired.. Can I do it upfront or wait for their instructions… I did receive my gcms notes by Nov 2021.. Stating that the primary analyst has completed and has put summary notes stating met requirements… When can i expect my PPR…

  18. Are VOS documents being processed? I filed VOS document in July 2021 and then October 2021 no answer yet. The reason I filed is I lost my PR card and they said send a documents to IRCC VOS in Ottawa instead of applying for PR card again because that’s all I need to my citizenship test. So are VOS being processed? Please I need an answer. I’m in Canada btw.

  19. I applied TRV for my infant daughter on 20th July and then again on new portal on 7th Oct. No updates yet. When will it be done? Any ideas Sir? My husband was in India when we applied, he is in Canada now. Should we apply again?

    We have not started my daughter's PR yet. Should we start the PR process?

  20. Hello Kubeir!
    My girlfriend applied to study permit (non-sds) from brazil in the beginning of October for Jan 2022 intake but still no updates on the visa. Do you think visa can be approved before January?

    Another question is, she got accepted for temporally visit visa for Canada years ago. Is that a positive thing for the application as well ?
    thank you.

  21. Hello sir , we have applied Student visa with SOWP & child visitor visa together in a single applicant but received only Student approval no updates from SOWP & visitor file so plz help what to do next

  22. My application for self employed reached IRCC in march 2020. And I just got a temp file nb in Jan 2021. Do you expect that this category will be recognized as well?

  23. Sir, If study visa has such a huge backlog dont you think they should have stopped colleges admissions also. So that the backlogs woul not increase. As we pay for college application and GIC, fees, medicals, biometric etc and then dont get visa decission till the start of semester. If you stay positive and join the online class only to get a refusal ends up depressing. If you dont join the class waiting for the visa you apply for deferral and find the next intake is full. Its a tough time spending and loosing on finances especially in these difficult times.

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