Canada Immigration Big Update : Backlog of 2 Million+ TR, PR, Visitor, Study Permits, Work Permits

Canada Immigration Big Update : Backlog of 2 Million+ TR, PR, Visitor, Study Permits, Work Permits Immigration Canada’s …


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30 thoughts on “Canada Immigration Big Update : Backlog of 2 Million+ TR, PR, Visitor, Study Permits, Work Permits”

  1. I think as a country we need to hold off until we sort our own economic and employment crisis out, it's a kick in the teeth that people are losing their jobs and then they hand whatever jobs we do have to fresh off the boat immigrants . A country should be able to look after its own people first before taking care of others

  2. Over the past two years I was interested in relocating Abroad,I did a survey between, Australia, Canada and UK, I wanted to know which one would suite me as an Immigrant,after the survey I decided to Relocate to Canada,it became my primary aim,I set out to start my Immigration Process,I did my first Application it was not successful,I also did a job application it didn't work out,I tried so many times and I was beginning to lose hope, luckily i called my sister living in Canada she referred me to a Legit Agent,I tried the agent it really worked out,am so much grateful for your work sir Mr Michael!

  3. What is the status of those successful applicants who after the draw filed complete applications last year under parents and grandparents catagory / clause.? How long will this process shall take time to finalize the matter? During the lives of the applicants or after the death of parents and grandparents?

  4. i dont why they take much time SOWP + Kdis visa process me and my friends waiting for 9 months still no update from IRCC , they playing with kids life

  5. Sir,
    Thank you for the information. Our hope strengthens with your periodical announcement and pray to receive a favourable Invitation soonest possible.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi, We had applied for visitor visa to Canada from India. Our biometric got completed on 13th Sep'2021. But, the decision is still pending. Pls advise us do we need to wait or can we reapply for visitor visa again, thankyou

  7. what about to sponsor or petition my filipino wife, to just go for a visit to Canada, since I am a Canadian? She wants to visit at least for one month. Can I, or a family member petition my wife to visit, since I live here in the Philippines? I would not move back to Canada to live but i would love to bring my wife for a visit. Can someone help me, plz.? Thank you. But if I can't petition my wife since I live in the Philippines, can a friend, or family member do this in Canada for me, to enable her to visit? I have no answer as yet

  8. Tons of people with AOR 1st of September and even people before that are still in backlog, when is it expected to have an update…this is so frustrating…

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