Canada New Visa for Skilled Workers – Enter Canada without a Job offer & Get Easy PR | IRCC

Canada New Visa for Skilled Workers – Enter Canada without a Job offer & Get Easy PR | IRCC To help address labour shortages …


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45 thoughts on “Canada New Visa for Skilled Workers – Enter Canada without a Job offer & Get Easy PR | IRCC”

  1. Dear Immigrants this video is a trap!to capture 💰 from YOU. The politics are desperate on need of YOUR foreign money bcs DOLLARS 💵 Will NOT LONGER WORTH ANYTHING!!Plus I have been here 20 years, study and with papers and I NEVER GOT THE PROMISED CUALIFIED JOB NEITHER, NEVER RECOGNIZED my FOREIGN Certificates. PLEASE STAY HOME!!

  2. INMIGRANTES ESTE VIDEO ES UNA TRAMPA!!!para capturar dinero $$ de Latinos. estan urgidos de Dinero de extranjeros porque su moneda YA NO VA a VALER NADA.
    Yo tengo 20 años aqui me la hicieron cardiaca 5 años para darme papeles, mismo tiempo que YO PAGUE TODO con mis pesos Mexicanos y cuando tube papeles pense seria porfin pero hasta hoy NUNCA ME RECONOCIERON MI PROFESION NI NUNCA ME DIERON EL TRABAJO CALIFICADO. Mi hijo es Software professional Y NO TIENE TRABAJO De eso porque NO HAY TRABAJO CALIFICADO. ES UNA MENTIRA.

  3. Government: Displacing and disenfranchising the lower classes, has never been easier.

    Citizens: We have a housing and rental crisis!

    Government: No problem, just pour gasoline over it, by increasing immigration to 400,000 a year. That won't trigger mass homelessness or anything in the foreseeable future.

    Citizens: What about jobs?

    Government: Well I guess we can fudge the stats or use %'s to make the growing number of unemployed and homeless seem smaller. Especially after we add 400,000 new arrivals a year to the country. Granted not every immigrant is old enough to work.

    Citizens: Hold up, did you just create more crap policies to try and fix our housing rental issues, but ignored that silent buyers will still use local investors to buy property. How did you miss such an obvious loophole? No seriously, because the real solution was to end immigration for 10 years and stop BOTH foreign and local investors from hoarding the market and flipping the market. You also needed to stop them from OVER bidding, which artificially increased market value faster the median household income. You ignored this issue for decades so what is your excuse for being an incompetent government, filled with crony puppets doing bidding for their elite investors? The solution is to LIMIT housing to just citizens and LIMIT the amount of houses that may be owned per family household. Then you need to stop the bidding process and create set rates in a NON PROFIT market for housing. Rentals need to be rent to own, with either a strata fee or co-op plan for repairs and upkeep.

  4. This is Trudeau's desperate attempt to get fresh voters because he knows Canadian's are done with his lies and deception. Is this another batch of Chinese spies to steal military grade chemicals or more Chinese military trainees to learn about winter warfare. More national security threats.

  5. How to apply skilled working sir. Graduate in College BSIT- Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology-Major in Electricity. Until now working in Saudi Arabia sir. Can you help me how to apply

  6. That is fine. But must reduce refugees entering Canada. Canada needs to follow Japan on robotics on low income workers nobody wants to do them even refugees. These jobs can save corporations millions over time they are more accurate and can create skilled jobs here in Canada

  7. the only thing that is true though is that if you do find a white Canadian guy he will find you highly attractive for many reasons. 1 you probably grow up in a living home where you had a mother and a father that was built on loving family. 2 you find divorce not even a consideration ever. 3 you have a better body and more health habits eating and living. 4 you are sweeter more desirable. and 5 forget what you think is true about what white men like. white men love darker skin girls. to be blunt white girls are just not worth the risk and we now find immigrant girls more loving attractive and desirable. BUT here is the thing white men are shy. in our culture its always the woman that shows the interest first. all this is true i know this because i am a white man.

  8. its a lie 70% of your income will go to rent 30% on food and they will expect you to go in to debt to pay for anything else you want or you can work 16 hour days 5 days a week to not go in to debt. you will not find Canadian friends you will be placed in an immigrant community with lots of hostility's with each other due to race blacks Asians and Indians. the only friends you will find are others of the same nationality. the community will be much smaller and much much colder like -30c colder

  9. If the weather doesn't stop you, getting a job won't be any trouble. So many jobs to fill, make no mistakes there's a load of bad jobs but you can for sure find your future here, if you don't mind the weather and that's a big if.

  10. If allowed to enter the would likely find work? You make money getting people into the country job or no job. You want this law passed so you can then represent any college graduate from any country in the world to make your fee! You are a deceiving bs organization misrepresenting yourself with a British accent narrator & a name that sounds like a government agency & you have been doing this for years! Who are you? Please list your street address & all the names of your principal officers? Canada will not allow people in without a job offer & that’s what most countries do. The organization you mention is a lobby you guys fund. I personally believe that there is no need for immigration consultants like these guys. Just apply directly to the government agency directly. It’s easy.

  11. They told us not to have any children because we're overpopulated and now they tell us that we don't have enough young people and they're ignoring the vaccination injury people that have been taken off the fricken market for work so they're gonna bring people in from countries that barely have vaccinations like Ukraine where only 35 double jabbed rest Probably weren't stupid enough to upgrade their body to human 2.0 and they weren't even forced to do that that like can't Canadians my body my choice 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Unbelievable the back at my body my choice I want to kill my baby but it's not my body because the government made me take AJA B that was experimental

  12. This is not a Canadian government site. This is a private company that make money to lure people with the hope of moving to Canada. Fist they star to ask you several hundred dollars to initiate the process that looks very promising. Then they ask more money to pursue further. Then there are some small complication that needs more money. You won't see the end of it.

  13. Naked lies! Racist mindset rejected our PR application in grandparents category even after completing all required formalities including medical and biometrics. So disappointing!

  14. Oh yes, fast track (24 hrs) for immigrants with high level IT skills. Perfect, for high level scammers & hackers. Come on in to work for our Government of Canada.

  15. I am a Canadian citizen and applied citizenship for my children on April 1, 2021 children born outside of Canada and met the requirements for a citizenship application (for a child born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent. Therefore, I was told to wait 6-8 months and later was advised to wait 15 months for no proper justification. Sadly, though I haven't received any case file number for my application and have no idea why a Canadian citizen had go through this ordeal to pass the citizenship to the children?.

  16. This is good news for a large percentage of immigrants that are skilled in areas that we need… But what about Canadians that are skilled and are unemployed… First consideration? And unfortunately government will lump all immigrants into this group… Especially some that come from dog eat dog countries and will gladly walk over any Canadian that gets in their way. Another liberal/NDP Grab at votes.. because as we see Immigration since 2015 in this country hasn’t been broken. L O L

  17. This visa allows skilled persons to come, work and generate revenue for Canada. Otherwise, they will do the same work for the same company, almost for similar pay, remotely and generate revenue for their homeland country. Nowadays, all fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in developing countries.

  18. What about Canadians?
    WE ARE THE PolicemanS
    AND We Are
    THANK YOU Everyone FOR EVERYTHING, 🙏❤️❤️❤️

    Trudeaus immigration numbers are insane and the housing crisis will only get worse. Sure "come to Canada…but btw… you wont have anywhere to live that wont break you financially IF you can find it"

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