HI GUYS! WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL! This video discusses Canada vs Australia. It talks about the differences between …


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  1. anada provides better future to International students. I did my Masters in CS at the University of British Columbia and

    I am a Canadian Citizen now. Canadian citizens can work in the USA on TN under NAFTA. I am working for a US company

    in Vancouver and in San Francisco. Also, We have free medical in Canada.

  2. Also you did not mention couple of important differences. Canada is part of very important trade association called USMCA (Nafta) with a combined population 500 million people (US, Canada and Mexico). Meanwhile Australia is basically controlled by China. Anytime China decides can put thumb screws on Australia.
    2nd most important factor is Australia is a very isolated continent or nation. You can take a look in to world map. Canada is very close to USA, Europe and most of the Central and South American countries.
    Which means I can reach most of the important cities in few hours from Canada. Proximity to USA means a Canadian citizen very easily access US job market.

  3. Here the facts .. sydney housing cost $450 week for 2 rooms , utilities kill around $160 monthly. Food around $200 weekly . Average wage for Indian worker around $22. Not include overtime. Can bring home $800 for 45 hours after taxes Monday to Friday… ( if you work more then 8 hours a day you get 1.5 extra for every hours you work ( $33) .. …. this is how you save money the Indian way … first shares bed rooms properly cost $150 including bills per week…. Food is cheap if you cook at home and buy in bulks. $100) ….final calculation = $800-$150-$100=$550 saving … properly $500 including travel expenses …you can save $500 … that not bad

  4. But Canada has very cold climate .Canada is better option for white European people & they also feel very cold there while Australia is better for brown asian people because climate is same not too cold nor too hot

  5. Australia & Canada are both great countries to migrate. That’s a fact. But the influx of applicants make it difficult already for new comers to find a job & settle, unlike when you applied around 10 yrs ago.. and I think both countries are already overrated for immigration.
    If cold weather is not your concern, instead of Canada, I would rather apply to Scandinavian/Nordic countries. Especially if you’re in the healthcare industry. These are great countries to migrate to. And if down under is still your preference, New Zealand is a better alternative to Australia.

  6. Hi Sarvani, I love watching your videos.I would be pursuing Bachelors of Biomedical Science from University of Western Australia.I was going to Canada but was not getting a top university as I didn’t have maths in 12th.So I am thinking of going to Canada as an exchange student and then pursuing masters over there.Will it be a right decision??

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