Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau provide an update on the situation in Afghanistan.


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29 thoughts on “Canada's foreign affairs minister, immigration minister give an update on situation in Afghanistan”

  1. Just by looking at this guy, I can see a charlatan….What about the thousand Canadians who can afford housing?…is this another populist strategy to gain votes….you just convinced why I should vote the liberals out of government?

  2. Here’s the price of a 3.2 kg roast beef at Costco today..$103.90.This is Trudeau’s “carbon tax” world where he’s making everything hellish for the poor & middle class .. food, gas, heating fuel, housing, clothing, Trudeau has destroyed our lives & our country folks. Despictable

  3. I’m told by a police officer we still have hotels in Toronto full of refugees not processed for 5 years. Average cycle time to get them processed is 5 years!

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