Costa Rica Drops Travel Insurance Requirement What's the Catch?

CostaRica #entryrequirements #fullyvaccinated ‘Costa Rica Drops Travel Insurance Requirement What’s the Catch? Costa Rica …


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46 thoughts on “Costa Rica Drops Travel Insurance Requirement What's the Catch?”

  1. Can someone tell me how to fill out the health pass if your fully vacinated wont give me a Qr code without getting insurance i attached my vaccine card its in time right shot all that but still wont let me generate a qr code im leaving friday can someone please give me some info on what to do

  2. I get a question. I got covid while am visiting costa rica. Am stuck in jaco doing my 10 days quarantine. The clinic said after I complete 10 days they ll give me the freedom to go back to state . Do I need the negative test to get back to the states?

  3. lies are fungible esp in pairofdice …everybody is an exspurt..duh the garchs and minigarchs are getting squeezed .the tourist dollar helped keep the tico off their back….aid of every kind and repayment of the ten billion dollars give away loan from the u s is contingent upon the indirect and direct accessibility of u s and some euro peon hanger on do nothing countries represented as.. equal partnership in residence and law without it all loans and trade concessions become moot immediately payable and or moot….pura vida is even more rapidly turning to soopa poop a vida…..for every dollar of the several billion a year the u s slips to costa rica and heavily siphoned off laundering hollywood slush funds.. by the oligarchs and their extended families and friends the chinese contribute about a quarter of one penny..duh…welcome to pairofdice ..where the inhabitants hate your guts..but love scarfing down your bucks.in a microsecond begin ridiculing and hating you again ..riinse and reapeat.. rolling the indecipherable ivories in pairofdice..

  4. Good news indeed. Thanks for letting us know! Waiting for my 2nd shot in August. BUT: here in Germany numbers of positive Corona tests are increasing again…omg…though 60% of the Germans are vaccinated (at least 1st shot), 37% fully vaccinated. There is something really bad going on here in this stupid country. I am so looking foreward to move to CR one day…

  5. I will NEVER get this "vaccine" that isn't one – be ready to be very sick for those who have had it. It's a sentence for lifelong problems if you have done your research. It actually makes you more susceptible not only to COVID but all other viruses.

  6. I haven't been to Costa Rica for a decade. As I mentioned before, I've been there a zillion times and had a stint working there a year. It's now reeling me back in. I prefer the Caribbean slope, but I have yet to hike to the peak of Chirripo. I think Corovado hasn't been checked off yet. That's a maybe. I understand there is a new HWY via San Isidro to the central pacific. Always been a Manuel Antonio guy.

  7. When Toyota f*cks up, they can just recall their cars. That's not possible with pharmaceuticals you've already taken. The f"ck up remains with you. Good luck!

  8. Hmmm, I love your videos and the news here is great for some people who are willing to sign up for a experimental gene therapy with graphene in it… Good luck to you

  9. No thanks. I’ll continue buying the health insurance as these so called vaccines are nothing more an evil agenda unfortunately many here don’t see !

  10. That's some real BS. Costa used to be a free country. It's turning into socialist garbage. They are timid losers now. You think the vax is safe? Pura Vida my Ass. Fake paperwork. It's cheaper than the fake insurance.

  11. I really wish you wouldn't have said that comment mocking why someone might not want the vaccine. Many people, myself included genuinely don't trust it. With all the independent research coming out all over the place about the serious risks, when others make it some wild conspiracy theory joke, it really doesn't help anybody.

  12. I would encourage everyone to have travel insurance regardless. It’s very cheap for young people and if you wipe out on a bike or any number of problems you don’t want to be calling mom and dad to bail you out. That being said probably most people don’t get it and they have been fine.

  13. Yeah and yeah man too bad it wasnt monday of this week. I went to panama for my birthday and costa rica held me at the border took me to an office away from
    Immigration line. I made it over to panama showing my
    Costa Rica QR code and insurance till august from May. They wanted to see a newly generated one when i came back the internet in the airport was not strong enough to upload the insurance file document
    They were able to and for do it for me. Costa Rica some of the nicest people on the planet even the authorities which is so cool.

  14. I just found Emma in Costa Rica’s YouTube channel and apparently she had a really tough time at the Panama border recently. Do you think things are getting more difficult now? Can you make a video on this? Thanks! Love your channel

  15. That doesn't change anything. Changes shit for dead man walking. The rest of us still need it. CR better dropped the fucking mask. It's insane to see people going on zip lines with a mask on!!!!

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