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29 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Nova Scotia and Halifax. Living + Moving + Best Things To Do”

  1. Hi Trevor…very interesting vlog…just subscribed. I live in vancouver, after seeing your halifax video, now thinking to move & retire in Halifax… your waterfront condo is super nice! Wondering to know if you wouldn't mind, at what price range of that similar condo in that location is (1 BR with water view).

  2. Calgary is much better. Calgary has the fastest growing tech, finance and film industry. Recently Tech giants Infosys, Mphasis and RBC has made announcements about their headquarters or offices in Calgary. Many Hollywood companies are filming moving in Calgary because of its proximity to mountain 🏔, skyline 🏙 and lakes all they need. Calgary is also world’s cleanest and most livable city. Calgary is also sunniest city in Canada. I am already seeing some of my friends and family members who work from home moving to Calgary from BC or ON. We will see more of this trend in coming years

  3. Thanks for the great video! St. Margaret's Bay has some warm water, lovely beaches and fantastic snorkelling. We have spotted tropical fish while snorkelling at Fox Point. Our provincial parks are also fantastic for camping. The sites are a good size, many if the parks have comfort stations with showers, flush toilets and a place to wash dishes. Thomas Raddall and Five Islands are 2 of my favourites. The Northumberland Strait is also a good place for warm water beaches.

  4. Would love to explore Halifax/Nova Scotia during the summer or Fall. I did make it to Halifax once during Winter for a work trip. I didn’t have much time to look around but I was able to squeeze in a visit to the Pier 21 Immigration Museum.

  5. I have been singing your theme song the past 3 days on our drive here to Nova Scotia. We arrived today ! Quaranting in Windsor before we get our new home in The Valley! Hope to bump into you some time!

  6. I think the best underrated undiscovered towns is all the little towns from Annapolis Royal to Kingston (I may be biased because I grew up in Bridgetown and that’s the area I was always hanging out in lol)

  7. Higher taxes, totally useless health care system like a 4 year wait for a family doctor or 12 hours in emergency, higher property taxes and insurance, no decent jobs, and HST to round it all off.

  8. Beaches along the Northumberland Straight are the best! Ties in to Tatamagouche as well as Pictou being great little towns around cottage country to visit and pick up a lot of the necessities. I grew up between the two towns and summers were the best at the beach ☀️

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