Exploring New Zealand's Wild West Coast | Punakaiki Pancake Rocks | Reveal NZ Ep.16

Reveal New Zealand Ep 16 and it’s a busy one in the South Island! On the West Coast is the Punakaiki Pancake Rocks, incredible …


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31 thoughts on “Exploring New Zealand's Wild West Coast | Punakaiki Pancake Rocks | Reveal NZ Ep.16”

  1. Love the West Coast. Got family in Paringa, nothing better than going on a jet boat adventure up the Paringa River on a good day. You're not wrong about St. Anaud either, gem of a spot.

  2. At Charleston if you take a little detour off down to the Charleston Harbour you can see where ships sailed into the bay, which has a rock in the middle of it. quite neat

  3. Shame you visited the pancake rocks at low tide. At high tide, particularly with a heavy surf, the sea vents up through holes in the rocks and sprays up geyser-like in assorted spots.

  4. The seals!!! I’m obsessed with animals and when I saw them I died, they’re so cute, and I’d definitely have the same reaction and Stacey 😂😂

  5. I believe that you post cool travel videos! So we are a couple that travels too and would love to work with you. Maybe we can do a video together or share eachother on our social media platforms. Would you be down? If so, our IG is @rayeandty

  6. Awesome, awesome, and some more awesome! Really really can't wait to get there. Please keep your fingers crossed that they open a border exemption for teachers really soon so we can stop existing in limbo and start actually living!

  7. So, you guys are pretty decked out for winter…I'm curious, how cold is it usually in New Zealand? Because us Canadians tend to look like that when it hits -1°degrees or so

  8. Thank you again, for showing and sharing your beautiful country!
    It’s great escapism as here in the UK we’re heading into another lockdown 🤦🏼‍♀️🇬🇧

  9. Awesome video! Loved all the unplanned expressions and unknown sites to see. Made for a very impromptu VLOG which are often the best. How terrific to see all the various terrain and climates of NZ. Wonderfully done my friends!

  10. Amazing once again! Those pancake rocks looks like such a cool rock formation! I want to pour syrup on them! As for the seals, there are many in my home of the California Coast, USA. Hopefully one day you guys can do a USA series.

  11. You are bringing back some great memories. Did the West Coast in reverse (from Queenstown to Nelson) back in 2004(ish) with some Aussie friends and we had a wonderful time. Saw Fox glacier by foot from the look out and then by helicopter which I absolutely recommend as that perspective is just stunning. Sad to see how much our glaciers have receded since then but from your expression Stacey, they still pack a punch! Safe travels 👍🏽😊

  12. Thoroughly enjoying this series guys. It seems everywhere in NZ is incredibly scenic and there are things to do/see no matter where you are in the country. P.S. I like the matching hoodie/sweatshirt and jacket combos!

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