Hey Guys, Today, I share about the federal benefits that are available in Canada regardless of the province you live in. This is …


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48 thoughts on “FEDERAL BENEFITS IN CANADA | Benefits you can access as a newcomer in Canada”

  1. Can one access these benefits immediately you land or you would have been in Canada for some months? Expecially the child benefit, what's the payment like with 2 children ages 2 and 6 months?

  2. Subscribed to your channel after watching live with Wolo. Watched almost all your videos. Thank u for sharing all these information. Hope to meet u someday in person. Cheers!

  3. Thank you Marina for this video, I will to let you know that I'm your new subscriber and I have watched almost all your videos. So my question is for someone who had stopped working for a yr or 2 prior landing in Canada how can such person apply for these benefits you mentioned?

  4. Does this mean that straight from Maternity leave, you start accessing your Employment insurance? Because here in Nigeria, you get paid your actual salary while on your 3 months Maternity leave

  5. I recently stumbled on your channel and ever since, I have been glued. In 2 days I have been catching up on all your uploaded videos. Its been an amazing ride and so full of info. I have my joter and have been taking notes! Kudos and keep up the good job

  6. Now I understand how the EI results in Parental/maternal leave. I've never really understood the whole thing.
    55% monthly is good for 1 year.
    I love how Canada assists with Child care benefits. I heard it drops on the 20th of each month 😁.
    Your videos are explicit.
    Thanks for explaining.

  7. imagine a country paying u to take care of your children regardless of if u gave birth to them there or not. A country that worksssss!!! Our politicians are busy stealing and taking care of only their own children

  8. Thanks dear Marina. So in the case where the parent are yet to land a job how will their income be deternined for the children to benefit since there is no tax to file… or will they tax ones POF

  9. We are just answering big name🙄🙄
    Unless your income is low, you don't get anything. Still packing my things to move to Canada. Thank you for sharing, it was detailed

  10. I love it when I see your uploads.To be honest with you I am glad and thankful that I live in the uk.it works pretty much the same here.you are absolutely correct I had a friend she gave birth in the US and asked her sister to be collecting the child care money on her behalf and she got into serious trouble. It’s not worth it at all.so far that child is not in the country it is very very risky and would land you in serious trouble.
    Thank you marina for sharing super informative videos as always 👌

  11. All your videos are packed with necessary information, very detailed and with clarity. But sis, this ehhhhh, it really entered👏
    I enjoyed it.
    Thanks for taking out time to break it down. I've read about the diff benefits you mentioned but never got to fully understand them like this. I'm glad we have you in SK to help us. You're God sent, God bless you. Regards to the family.

  12. Paternity leave in Nigeria…. if I hear😅😅😅. Thanks a lot for this, as always fully packed and well researched. These things ginger me to keep working towards living in a sane country.

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