Welcome to Earth Relaxation ! New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main …


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26 thoughts on “FLYING OVER NEW ZEALAND (4K UHD) – Relaxing Music With Stunning Beautiful Nature (4K Video Ultra HD)”

  1. Орон бүрийн уул усанд нэг төрлийн аялгуу тавьдаг нь ямар учиртай юм бэ? Улс бүр өөрийн уул усанд тохирсон гайхамшигтай аялгуутай

  2. Hello! I'm Sheila, I work in a TV station in the Philippines. We will be featuring our Filipino workers in New Zealand in one of our segments. In this regard, we would like to ask for your permission if we could use some establishing shots from this video? Rest assured that we will give the proper credits. Hope this merits your attention. Thank you 😊

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