Foreigners STRANDED in KOSOVO! PRIZREN – The SAFEST Place In The WORLD To LOCKDOWN!! Accommodation Provided …


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50 thoughts on “Foreigners STRANDED in KOSOVO! PRIZREN – The SAFEST Place In The WORLD To LOCKDOWN!!”

  1. you should definitely consider visiting kosovo during the summer time…it is simply awesome and competely different 🙂 such nice vibes….love your videos guys

  2. Wow this is so crazy! We were just there and uploaded our videos of this place this week but it wasnt locked down wow. Such a beautiful place to be stuck. Stay safe!!

  3. Republick of Kurac Dr Marcus Papadopoulos

    The illegal authorities in Pristina, who originate from organised crime, want the illegal entity known as the Republic of Kosovo, which is a black hole for drug trafficking, organ trafficking, sex trafficking and gun trafficking, to join #Interpol. How inverted. #KosovojeSrbija

    12:50 PM – Nov 20,

  4. Respect for you both. Great video and nice view. Looking gorgeous from sky. Very beautiful city.
    I hope you enjoy it in this pandemic time.
    Greetings from Toronto.

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