FSW draws | What to expect in 2022? | Cut off score prediction

FSW draws are not happening for almost an year now. There are 1000s of people anxiously waiting in the pool not knowing when …


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22 thoughts on “FSW draws | What to expect in 2022? | Cut off score prediction”

  1. Thanks Ajay for the informative video, I really hope your gut feel is correct. Can I ask is there much hope for pnp invite given there are so many people in the pool and the PNP monthly draws are so small? I have French my noc is 1222 and my crs is 468 but will drop to 462 in June. Thanks for so much

  2. As per my views the FSW system will be abolished from this immigration programme. There is huge backlog and that is why there is no chance of Federal Skilled Worker draw in the future.

  3. I'm sitting for my final exams in July 22 and will get my results in Sep 22. My CRS score will be 474 if I pass my final exams next year (my current score is only around 451 which is very low). Can I enter the pool with a score of 474 before getting my results, say around April 22?

    I'm afraid by the time I get my results in Sep 22, I might miss the opportunity of receiving an ITA. But at the same time, I don't want to violate any requirements (if there's any?) and ruin my future chances

  4. Personally, I had a fws score of 511 up until July 2021, now I'm down to 505. I know it's a great score and that is what makes the entire situation frustrating and infuriating. I can't possibly better my score, only lose points due to aging and I feel helpless since, as you say, it's something we can't control… I really hope you're right and that we'll be called soon next year. In the meantime, another Christmas spent in a country I don't want to live in…

  5. Thanks sir for your informative video. I have a CRS score of 470, and by September next year, I will turn 30. I'm quite anxious now and wonder my possibility of getting ITA before I turn to 31? I have 2 CLB9 and 2CLB 10 now, but…for the speaking and writing, it's just so hard to improve. So I really hope everything will work out before my next birthday…Many thanks!

  6. Hi, my CRS score is 411. My NOC is 2132. I have Master's which has been assessed as Canadian Masters. I have 4 years of work experience and I am 28 years old. My IELTS score is LWR (8,7,7) and speaking is 6.5. Please advise.

  7. Thanks for this great video. I'm also waiting for almost a year in the FSW pool with a score of 493 and I'm starting to give up hope. For the time being, we are arriving with student/work visa, aiming to be elegible for CEC within another year, worst case scenario. It's so frustrating cuz we put our lives on hold.

  8. Thanks for the video. Any idea regarding the processing times once the FSW draw resumes ? Can we expect 6 months like before of it will be more like a year or more ?

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