As summer temperatures soar, face shields present a tempting alternative to masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and they …


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39 thoughts on “How Effective Against Coronavirus Are Face Shields Compared To Masks? | TODAY”

  1. I wear a visor everyday at work because masks were triggering asthma attacks for me. But visors are only effective if someone walks up to you and directly coughs of sneezes in your face.. I've been ill 3 times this winter despite wearing my visor correctly, everyday because, as said here, smaller particles still manage to move around the visor.. I really wish I could wear a mask

  2. In the Philippines, it is mandatory to wear both the mask and face shield. Double protection according the Phil's Department of Heath and yet, Covid 19 is still wide spread. What a solution!

  3. When people keep asking how in the world did the civilians comply with the Nazis for that kind of Holocaust to happen well you can see just how that happened sheep

  4. what i recommend is using goggles that is airtight when you want eye protection and breathing problem. covid virus now is evolving to be highly contagious. wearing face shields must be mandatory if u r in public places since it offers 2 way protection and it helps u not to touch your eyes.

  5. you did a cough test with masks vs no masks but you failed to show the test with shield vs no shield. further more you should do a cough test with shield vs mask and see what the results are from that.

  6. Mask + face shield provides greater protection. Eyes need protection also. I am a CT tech, I have been using my own face shield [patent pending] in close range with covid patients without N95. Nurses and Coworkers were impressed by my product. 😉

  7. Face guards are useless, the virus is in the air when people breathe out, the virus isn't in someone's sneeze junk, wear a face guard near someone with the virus they breathe out the virus will go around the face guard, and you will breathe the virus in, that's why masks are better they filter the air, face guards wouldn't stop you touching your face you would just go under it and touch your face any ways.

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