How to Apply for the Canadas Digital Nomad Visa

Under Current Immigration rules, if you are a Digital nomad then you only need a Canadian Visitor Visa to relocate to Canada and can stay for up to 6 Months while doing your work.
So, if you want to avail this Opportunity you should apply for the Visitor Visa of Canada.

The Government of Canada also said that Digital Nomads who initially enter Canada to work remotely may also seek employment opportunities in Canada in a Canadian Company.If they receive a Job offer from a Canadian employer they will be able to apply for a temporary work permit or even permanent residence.If you are not a remote worker and looking for Jobs in Canada you may check Canadian Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023.

Apply for the Visitor Visa
You can apply for a Canadian visitor visa here. The application process is online. The source of the News is “IRCC Canada”

More than 25 countries offer “digital nomad visas” including Bali, Portugal, and Greece. Governments hope the visas will encourage more sustainable tourist economies after the pandemic shut down most international travel and hurt tourist-dependent economies.

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa?
A digital nomad is someone who lives a nomadic lifestyle and uses technology to work remotely from outside their home country. A digital nomad visa is a document or program that gives someone the legal right to work remotely while residing away from their country of permanent residence.

Today, digital nomads can relocate to Canada under visitor status for up to six months while working remotely for a foreign employer. To further explore policies that attract digital nomads, IRCC will collaborate with both public and private partners. Moreover, digital nomads who enter Canada initially for remote work will have the opportunity to apply for temporary work permits or even permanent residence when they receive a job offer from a Canadian company.

The requirements are still to be announced and established but a digital nomad “is a person who can perform their job remotely from anywhere in the world.”
This stream aims to attract highly talented individuals and foster Canada’s innovation priorities and high-tech industries. The proposed options include employer-specific work permits for up to five years, targeting companies contributing to industrial innovation goals, and open Work Permits for Highly Skilled Workers in select in-demand occupations.

How to obtain a digital nomad visa in Canada under the Self-Employed Scheme
The Self-Employed program is one of the most suitable schemes under which a Canada digital nomad visa can be explored.

This scheme has the following conditions:

the applicants must have a minimum experience of 2 years in the field they are working;
they must have good command of French or English;
age is not a requirement, however, candidates with ages between 18 and 35 can obtain higher scores;
applicants must obtain at least 67 points under the selection scoring system.

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