How to BUY A HOUSE in Halifax, Nova Scotia | Houses in Halifax & Real Estate

Do you want to buy a house in Halifax, Nova Scotia? Whether you’re looking for homes in Halifax or just thinking of buying a …


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8 thoughts on “How to BUY A HOUSE in Halifax, Nova Scotia | Houses in Halifax & Real Estate”

  1. Thank you nader for this video. Is it possible for new immigrants to get a mortgage as soon as they arrive to nova scotia and find a job or should they wait 2 years at least to request a mortgage?

  2. Have a look at viewpoint . ca when you are ready to look for your house. Makes it really easy to find things local to where you work. We did a lot of looking around from Ontario before buying our house in Nova Scotia.

  3. Its all about location, location, location! If you can work from home, or don't mind a bit of a commute, prices drop outside city centres. Be careful if you find a private sale. Do you research or contact a realtor to make sure you are not overpaying; REALTOR@ can give you market values for comparable houses. You can also have a REALTOR work with you even if you are buying privately.

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