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20 thoughts on “How to do Assignments in Canada. (Fully Described)”

  1. Assignment bnoni kiwe aw oh te dsya ni veer tuc😓
    Sanu 1 page d assignment keha.
    Ehda mtlv k name vgera v ohi page te nd jo research aw ovii ohii page te??
    Ya apni info. alag page te and km next page te?? PLS REPLY🙏🏻
    AND agar ah intro waliya cheeja upr neeche ho jan tavi koi chkkr penda??
    Qki m kite hor dekhiyn c oh alag sn
    Or tuc jiwe likhya oh alag aw.

  2. Veer tuc program kehda lya hoya c. Mai associate of arts degree (Economics) d lyi hoyi aa. Kinnian ku assignments hundia 1 week ja month ch. September intake ch aa reha…. Columbia college ch..

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