How to fix slow internet speed on ATT router

How to fix slow internet speed on ATT router.


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25 thoughts on “How to fix slow internet speed on ATT router”

  1. Att really does care that’s what happens with huge conglomerates, you see they know the chances of the majority of customers will stay. So if they lose what they really know is our little money but what we know is a lot of money to a lot of us. Well the noise the lost will make is the same sound as a star scratching its ass in space!😂😂😂😅😂😂😂

  2. Bro mine isnt even that bad of speed I say that as I have the same download and upload as you but my problem is my pc can’t even connect to the WiFi it’s so bad it says can not connect to the internet

  3. AT&T is as shady as the Biden Crime Family, joe biden has caused gas prices to go up and internet speeds get slower, Hunter Biden is trying to work for AT&T now, he says fiber in his diet and fiber in every american homes with electric cars and eat veggie burgers and dont go to in and out burger no more because trump is getting free food and he may be giving shakes to Putin. Joe biden is really a supporter of communism when he is not reading pent house letters. Joe biden is the worse president that america has ever haved. He is a traitor and his whole family are crooks and cheats. He has took this country to the bottom of the ocean and everybody cant breath because he is a child in a mans world.

  4. just in plugs and plugs back in bro if you think we all haven’t tried this then you must be smoking something. This was literally a waste of time.

  5. This was the dumbest video on the entire internet.
    If you want cable internet, you have to order it FROM YOUR CABLE COMPANY, NOT YOUR PHONE COMPANY.
    "Let it sit there for awhile"
    Wtf. You can barely plug in a wire.
    Do you also cure Covid-19?
    This video should be reported

  6. i have AT&T it says my speed is 30 mbps but its literally unusable. most the time im using my cellphones hotspot for faster speeds is so fucking pathetic its unreal and the fact they trap you in a contract by itself is just really bad business i will never use there service again and i will always highly not recommend it for everyone who i may bring up internet speeds with.

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