How To Get Australia PR | Step By Step | General Skilled Migration | MIGRATE TO AUSTRALIA | Priya

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37 thoughts on “How To Get Australia PR | Step By Step | General Skilled Migration | MIGRATE TO AUSTRALIA | Priya”

  1. 1. Expenses (fees, rent, groceries, Rego, phone bills, electricity bills,water bills, internet/wifi etc.)&4000 a month and rising

    2.Work( mostly didn’t get a proper job)

    3.Mental stability( assignments, Cooking,waking early for the shifts or working for 20-22 hr a day)


    5.Racism (Not getting enough shift/ not getting proper pay rate)

    Such vlogs don’t show the reality what a real struggler goes through.

  2. Hi mam,
    How is the 1-year master's program from a UK university considered in Australia? Can I apply for Aus PR after Ms in the UK, I will have around 4-5 years of experience by the time I complete my tenure in the uk.

  3. I did PhD on Digital Marketing and looking for Postdoctoral Research position in the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne, Australia, I have contacted them on mail and they respond well . McKenzie Fellowship will open again on 2022. I'd live permanently there so what kind of visa i have to taken to work there and also for PR.
    Is it comes under skilled migration/Am I eligible ?
    If I'll arrive there, how to meet you directly?
    Any concession or other benefits to physically challenged people?
    What are the things I have to take steps to work there permanently?

  4. Mam, எத்தனை வயது வரை visaக்கு apply பண்ணலாம்? Please answer me. Family udan migrate பண்ணணும்.

  5. Madam hi i am from Thanjavur i saw your all videos it is very useful to everyone.mam my wife is completed bsc and msc .she what to do PhD in Australia please guide us mam for my family future

  6. Australia le job apply pannanuma experience irruntha mattum than apply panna mutiuma ile Degree compiled panna udan appy pannalama

  7. Sister I'm in Chennai I don't have Australia education and work experience or lived in in Australia but I'm having 65 points .. could I apply for 491 visa because I heard that to apply for 491 visa, applicant must be inside Australia is that so.

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