Immigration Minister's Answer on FSW | Express Entry | Backlogs

Canadian Immigration Minister has been asked about the longer delays, backlogs and Federal skilled worker draws in Express …


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18 thoughts on “Immigration Minister's Answer on FSW | Express Entry | Backlogs”

  1. We don't have money to keep spending on medicals and police clearence' s they are very costly not because we are sponsors we should be wasting money. Concerned citizen.

  2. How much more patient you want us to be minister of immigration. You want more people to fill the gaps but you are not bringing people in really to full the gaps. I think you should finish off the applications for 2020 then start processing 2021 and so on. We understand and have been patient with the war what is going on but you have to ensure that the families who are waiting for almost 3 years have been waiting longer for their families to come to Canada its not fair. Stop taking on the applications until you clear 2020.

  3. After 2 years of being apart from my husband who is overseas, I am waiting for our decision now come on now, pandemic really enough is enough. I am a citizen of canada for over 39 years now, not to mention there are other families suffering too. Travelling back and forth is getting very tiresome now.

  4. Now, I don’t wanna hear debates, discussion. I wanna know when they’re going to start CEC/FSW.. I wanna know dates, less processing time and I wanna hear that they’re thinking about immigrants who contributed/risked their lives during pandemic and never stopped working throughout the pandemic..

  5. Will the honorable minister feel the same If the election result would take 2 years to process when they have contested an election. He is only taking about efforts and no results are to be seen. They can process TR to PR applications with in weeks and months and FSW takes years. It's all about prioritizing. The liberal government has failed us and is continuing to do so.

  6. Please honorable minister please intervene in the situation of landed IMMIGRANT'S who are here legally with ADDICTIONS and mental ILLNESS please intervene and help them to get the help and remain in Canada because they need help, IMMIGRATION and refugee services are taking away their status, they are here for 20/30 yrs and they deserve a second chance please help

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